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A Top Ten Show for Critics in San Fran, LA, Orlando and Salt Lake City

As critics wrap up 2008 with Top 10 lists, Breaking Bad is finding a place on a number of them.

The LA Daily News listed the series as number four on its Top 10 list, describing the show as a “drama, which chews up and spits out words like “edgy” and “gritty.” The Salt Lake Tribune had this to say: “When truly provocative television goes awry, you get Nip/Tuck. When it goes right, you are rewarded with this crazy series about a high-school science teacher who decides to cook methamphetamine to make money for his cancer treatments.”

Beyond recognizing the series, The San Francisco Chronicle singled out Bryan Cranston,
saying his “work here is phenomenal… Absorbing, touching, funny and, most
important, wholly original.” The Star-Ledger had similar praise for the star, noting, “His work… was stunning in both its power and its control.” Ditto for the Orlando Sentinel which included Cranston in its list of great TV performances on cable.

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