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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Fans this week reflected on the first season of Breaking Bad after the encore of the season finale. “I liked the way that they got the chemistry right,” said BadFan. “Using a phenylacetone/methylamine reductive amination makes a LOT more sense than having a bunch of Smurfs looking for pseudo. Of course you need a decent chemist, which is the whole point of the series!” Mikeybug mourned the end of the first season and said he was, “jonesing for season two…Walt and Pinkman really are the Odd Couple for the new millennium.”

DRKellogg, meanwhile, pondered the relationship between Walt and his son: “I really like those scenes at the motel,” she said, referring to when Hank brings Walter, Jr. to the meth den. “I think the interaction between Hank and Walter, Jr. is great. There are hints that he and his dad were once close, but have grown apart for some reason, so I’m happy that he has someone who, however misguided, acts like a parent.”

On the Breaking Bad blog, the final Win a Winnebago question asked fans to talk about their favorite moments from the first season. Carly said “One of my fav parts was where Walt blew up Ken’s car at the gas station. I think it showed a change in his personality start to evolve,” while rpm2004 “couldn’t stop laughing when “the cap’n” was sizing up the plastic bins by trying to fit in them.” Jpc, however, bucked at the question: “Dudes; Just one scene? How about 100! Like Bryan Cranston’s famous middle-class angst, fist pumping frustration, after he had just tried to shoot himself and then accidentally discharges the gun. Or his anguish over if he should kill Krazy 8, only to learn how his family ran a business that he frequented.”

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