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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying

Breaking Bad fans took time this week to discuss the dangers of drug abuse. In a post titled, “Am I the Only Recovering Meth Addict Out There?moondreamer said, “I’ve really enjoyed the series because it shows me my ‘bad old days’ and I’m glad I’m not there anymore. A friend asked me if Breaking Bad is realistic. Pretty much…I think this series would be good for older kids to watch so they could see for real what they are getting themselves into, and not be pampered by some ‘After School Special’ version.” Leslie agreed with the show’s realism, but wondered whether it could truly serve as a deterrent: “Let’s face it. If people are going to do meth, they will, and if they aren’t, they won’t. I also used meth in the past, and this show is just one more example of how things are never black and white at their core.”

Meanwhile, the Talk forum is speculating and making wishes for the future while we wait for news on the second season. Pamala believes “Hank will find out about Walt but keep his mouth shut about in exchange for Walt staying quiet on his wife’s lil habit,” while she wishes that “Hank, seeing Walt and Jesse together, will start pressing Jesse on what Walt is up to.” DRKellogg speculates that “Despite having dumped Walt 20 yrs. earlier, Gretchen now regrets her decision and is jealous of the fact that he has a family. (Wish) — For every month that passes and she’s not pregnant, she buys a new rooster for the kitchen.”

For this week’s Win a Winnebago question, we asked readers to consider which of Jesse’s cohorts was more trouble: Badger or Skinny Pete. While krif “wouldn’t want to meet either of them, at any cost,” smellablecolors thinks “Skinny Pete seems like he could cause more trouble in the future by misleading them on how high up he is with Tuco and other people.” Still, says Captain Cook, “Badger is more dangerous. Jesse screwed up by making him mad and I’m worried what Badger will do for revenge during season two.” We are giving away toy RVs every week, so log onto the Breaking Bad blog for your chance to win.

And as always, log onto the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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