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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The Talk forum this week is lumping praise onto Breaking Bad. ALFIESKEEP says “This is one of the best shows on TV and it always gives me and my friends something good to talk about at work (besides the work).” ALFIESKEEP is not alone, Billy from INLAND EMPIRE continued his assertion from last week that Vince Gilligan’s show is the first thing since David Lynch’s Twin Peaks to constitute “art.” He writes, “Every main character is doing an incredible job. Walter Jr. really moves me, Dean Norris is fantastic. I love the careful way this show is presented — the colors, the set design, the smart editing that doesn’t pander to the lowest intelligence.”

Meanwhile, the Win a Winnebago contest asked readers to devise a clever vanity license plate for Walt’s Winnie, and the responses would challenge Jesse Pinkman’s THE CAPN for cleverness. yeyoungpup thought the plate should say FIGHTF8, arguing it could serve as “a little motivation not to give up on things.” Meanwhile dfowler argued for LVB4UDI, arguing “everyone could benefit from a little bit of Walt’s Wisdom.” kimisoo, on the other hand, voted, “DA KTCHN …cook it up!” We’ve got more toy RVs to give away, so log onto the Breaking Bad blog every week to enter for your chance to win.

And as always, log onto the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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