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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Episode 3 of Breaking Bad has some chemistry experts wondering whether hydrofluoric acid was really the best way to “disincorporate” a body. Angry Ayrab thought not: “The idea that HF is a strong acid is a mistake that almost all general chemistry students make,” the post said. “Instead of dissociating like HCl or HBr, it just stabalizes itself by hydrogen bonding with water, and other HF molecules making it a weak acid. Sorry to nitpick, but I really had to point that out.” Angry Ayrab then moved on to more pressing issues with the show: ” I live in Albuquerque, and I saw my house in one of the shots. I was like snap! That’s across the street!”

Meanwhile, Billy from INLAND EMPIRE posted that he thought the show was the first piece of “art” on television since David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. He went on to say, “I love every actor, but I must admit being partial to Aaron Paul. He is completely amazing. I thought about him, his character, and just what it is that makes a great actor all day today. Keep pushing it, make it explode.”

Speaking of explode, DRKellogg was wondering whether or not it would be a good idea for Skyler to find out about Walt’s side project. She thinks not: “Skyler can’t find out about Walt’s moonlighting,” she said, but then went on to admit, “That’s too simple, though. But if another principal figure (Hank, Marie or Walt Jr.), figures it out first, that will likely soften the blow, because that person will be able to offer their opinion to Skyler.” Predictions for Skyler’s reaction also happened to be the question for this week’s Win a Winnebago contest. We asked readers to guess what Skyler would say, and received varied responses from Breaking Bad fans. Caihly imagined her exclaiming, “First the marijuana, now you’re making meth?! Is marijuana your gateway drug?” while Level 2D imagined a more capitalist response: “You’ve been cooking for this long and we still live in this crap-hole! Walt, get back out there and sell meth like you mean it!” We’re still giving away toy RVs every week, so log onto the Breaking Bad blog for your chance to win.

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