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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

As the rebroadcasting of the first season finale nears, Breaking Bad fans are looking to the future. Pamala, who began a post asking fans to make wishes and speculations about the first season, joined in the game by wishing Walt “a few more quiet moments alone, like that powerful scene by the pool with the matches, to stop and ponder what he has become.” She went on to say of Jesse, “Maybe its the mom in me but I’m dying for someone, anyone, to see Jesse’s in trouble and want to save him.”

DRKellogg, meanwhile, brought up the idea of “sainting,” the posthumous removal of evidence to make someone appear better in death than they were in life. “I’ve said several times before that Walt seems to be just a little scared of Skyler,” she said. “In the event that Walt is not found out before his death, do you think he would ask Jesse to clean up his effects so that his family didn’t find out about the meth cooking? Would Jesse do it on his own, without being asked?”

On the Breaking Bad blog, the Win a Winnebago contest had posters wondering which character on the show had the most to lose. GnA&rOb says Skyler: “she’s got a disabled son AND a baby on the way..her husband is dying AND if he gets caught dealing, they could all be left w/ ABSOLUTELY nothing but the clothes on thier backs!!” Kitti Ritter, however, disagrees: “Walt, of course. He’s the one who is suffering the most . . . cancer treatments and dealing with thugs to provide for his family when he is gone.” Winny Winnebago took a more poetic approach: “Never take someone for granted / Hold every person close to your heart / Because you might wake up one day / And realize that you’ve lost a diamond / While you were too busy collecting stones.” We’ve got one more toy Winnebago to give away, so log on next week for your last chance to be the proud owner of a toy RV.

And as always, log on to the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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