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Site of the Week: Breaking Bad With “Pamala”

Call her Jesse’s girl. “Pamala,” a Michigan housewife who hosts an enthusiastic Breaking Bad blog, has a soft spot for Walt’s meth partner Jesse, a boy she thinks a little maternal affection would turn right around. “I adore Jesse,” she confesses. “I’d probably be his mother if I could. I’d get in there and take care of that boy.”

A longtime Vince Gilligan fan who hosted live Internet chats about The X-Files in the 1990s, Pamala says she was “immediately floored by Breaking Bad. I just had to start a blog.” As is her habit with her favorite TV dramas, Pamala has long conversations with Jesse and other characters. “They never listen,” she admits, but that doesn’t stop her from offering advice on her blog. “It’s therapeutic. I enjoy it immensely.”

Pamala found herself moved “by the layers of my boy Jesse’s character that were revealed during the first season.” In the scene in Episode 4 when he set the family dinner table, she says, “You could see in an instant that Jesse wasn’t really what we thought he was. He was probably the golden child at one time.” Recent posts to the blog contain wild speculation about what the future might hold for Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the gang. When Pamala asked readers whom they’d like to see more of, she was surprised how many mentioned Walter Jr.

“Everyone seems to like the actor (RJ Mitte) and the character,” she says. “I’d like to see more of his reaction to what’s happening to Walt. Again, maybe because I’m a mother, that kind of thing hits home for me.”

Pamala’s maternal emotions will be riding sky-high if her reader Minttown1’s wish for the second season — “that Walter Jr. and Jesse somehow cross paths” — comes true. Gushing like the unabashed Jesse’s girl she is, Pamala instantly replied on her blog, “That would be so cool!.”

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