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Win a Winnebago (Toy Model): Week VIII

Here’s your chance to be the proud owner of a toy-sized version of Walt’s Winnebago. Tell us: Who would you most like to see “break bad” next?Once again, we’ll randomly pick a winner from the answers and award a replica of the RV from the show.We’re giving away a miniature model every week, so be sure to check back for next week’s question. Find out after the jump who our lucky winner was last week.

Question: What would you like to see happen in Season 2?

Lance: “I’d like to add my support for just being satisfied to have a season two. Only seven episodes out of the gate?? What torture for us! I get the feeling it’s going to be a long wait 🙁 If it helps to have additional ideas (like you need more – HA), Walt gradually and consistently gets sicker and Jesse really steps up to the plate. Jesse even goes as far as taking some Community College chemistry without mentioning it to Walt. Jesse doesn’t realize that taking chemistry attracts some DEA attention. Walt finds out quite accidentally when Jesse’s picture is among several others that are spread out on Hank’s kitchen table. Hank causally mentions how dumb these kids are that they register for only a single class – and its chemistry.”

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