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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The season finale of Breaking Bad left the Talk forum with much to say. “The finale was a cliff hanger for sure!” Dr Jeseuss exclaimed. “Leaving it to end at that would be ‘breaking bad.’ There’s so much room to grow going into another season.”

Rickyjames concurred that the season tied up nicely: “We certainly ended on the right note, with Walt watching his latest 2 pounds drive off into the sunset, all set up to do more batches for quite some time to come, with the soundtrack wailing about the saving of his soul as we fade to black….” Pamala, however was more cautious: “Not a great finale, but that’s to be expected as this was not originally written as the final episode. That fact in mind, I think it stood up very well.”

Meanwhile, kgirl55 considered Walt’s conversation with Hank about America’s decisions about drug legalization. “Although I do believe Meth is a very dangerous drug,” she writes, “society seems to arbitrarily dictate what we can do with our bodies and sometimes.” Similarly, satireV wondered if we want Walt to get away with his crimes: “Will the powers allow…the bad guy to win?”

People hoping to win a model of Walt’s Winnebago were asked to make predictions for season two. Tony Blackburn said, “Jesse is an awesome character….a deep down inside good kid gone bad. He just isn’t quite as bad as a typical meth head is. I would like to see him get a girlfriend.” Rob mused, “I think an interesting storyline would be to have some third party discover the meth cooking, but rather than turning Walt and Jesse in to the cops, he/she decides to blackmail them for part of their money.” Mike D, however, spoke less optimistically: “I’ll be happy to see a season 2, period.” We still have more toy RVs to give away, so be sure to keep logging onto the Breaking Bad blog every week.

And as always, the discussions on the Talk forum continue to surge, so log on to join in any of them, or to start a whole new Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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