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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The season finale of Breaking Bad is fast approaching, and the Talk forum is buzzing with anticipation. Jdub began by reflecting on Episode 6, which was seen as a turning point for Walt: “Walt has been content to walk the sidelines, live in the safety of the ‘middle’. But no longer. In this episode he found out he has to be all in…he isn’t the good guy just cooking a little meth to take care of a little matter while Jesse is some thug doing who knows what. NO. They are in this thing together.” Taxista also saw a turning point in Walt and Jesse’s relationship: “Notice Jesse’s parents weren’t called while he was in hospital. Walt and Jesse now only have each other.”

Vanveen began a topic discussing what he saw as a recurring theme on the forum: “The one comment that I saw again and again that really troubles me is the idea that Walt is a fantastic failure for choosing a career as a high school chemistry teacher…The idea that being a highly educated and clearly dedicated (he remembers things about even a very poor student like Jesse that many teachers would not have) high school teacher is an automatic mark of failure is appalling.” Pamala agreed that one of the biggest tragedies of Walt’s situation is the fact that as a teacher he receives neither adequate compensation nor health insurance: “Walt shouldn’t be in this situation! A good and decent man, one who’s dedicated his life to teaching children … shaping the future, would ask to be let out of an ambulance on a street corner because he can’t afford medical care is as ugly a moment as the drugs themselves.”

Meanwhile in this week’s Win a Winnebago contest, posters were asked whether they thought Walt had passed the point of no return. Jtp seems to think so: “He has cooked crystal and killed two men, not to mention blowing up a lawyer’s car. He has committed the First Mistake in the Drug World- i.e. drawing attention to himself by producing something so pure that it stands out like a sore thumb. Enter Tony Soprano, or Anton Chigurh.” ELIZ, however, is not so sure: “There is no point of no return. We get a new day every day. Every day we choose to do what we do and I argue that indecision is a choice in itself. Walt is choosing to do what he feels on the inside despite what culture dictates.”

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