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Q&A: Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez)

For Steven Michael Quezada, the chances of surviving as a professional actor while living in Albuquerque were “zero to none.” Here’s how he went from breaking even to Breaking Bad.

Q: You went to school to be an actor but ended up making a living as a standup comic. How did that come about?

A: I started writing my own plays and I would sell out but after everything was said and done I’d break even. That’s being successful. One of the plays I wrote was called The First Chicano President. This guy who is a comedy producer saw it and said “man you are so funny you should do stand up comedy.” I told him he was crazy…After a couple years of starving I thought you know what, um, I’m gonna give it a shot. There was no turning back. I went right straight to headliner.

Q: How does a comic living in Albuquerque end up on Breaking Bad?

A: Now that we’re Tamalewood, New Mexico is the hot spot. They came out and cast the pilot and when I walked in I guess I was exactly what Vince Gilligan was looking for because when I left he told them, “That’s Gomez. I’m done with that.” My family is so happy I’m not on the road and I’m home. I play a lot of golf with Dean Norris. How lucky can a guy be out here in the middle of nowhere?

Q: What’s the most memorable moment from the show?

We actually trained with DEA agents out here.

Q: Did you go out on an actual drug bust?

No. These guys are in such danger as it is… Mad props to them because I
wouldn’t want to do that job. You don’t know what’s behind that door. I
asked a guy what are you thinking when you bust into a house? He goes,
“I’m thinking I want to go home to my wife and my kids. That’s what I’m

Q: Gomez and Hank talk a lot of smack to each other. What’s that about?

A: Gomez
has been Hank’s partner for many, many years. I don’t see it as
anything other than because we’re buddies we can talk to each other like
that. He calls Hank an asshole and a stupid white guy. I think you have
to be a really good friend to call somebody an asshole ’cause if you’re
not my friend and you call me an asshole those are fighting words.You
know and he just laughs it off so they are really good friends. He’s
always poking fun about Gomez being Latino. That’s how partners mess
with each other.

Q: What can we expect next from Agent Gomez?

A: They
are on a trail right now and they really want to find who’s cooking
this meth. It’s like 99.9% pure and that’s just crazy. So they need to
find this and Gomez, that’s what he’s going to do, he’s going to hunt
this down. What’s going to get Walt first the cancer or us?

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