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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Two weeks into AMC’s encore airings of Breaking Bad, new fans are joining the fray. From Australia arjuna wrote, “I heard about BB from someone online and decided to check it out. I’m thoroughly enjoying the programme. Makes a wonderful change from the bland and formulaic US TV we normally get here.” Meanwhile, it was the music that stuck out for Showmethemoney: “This was my first time watching it and I especially enjoyed the music. Was feelin’ that ‘Keep Ballin’ song. I checked out Trump’s mix tape ‘Hate It Or Get It,’ and had to get it.”

Ron, who posted last week that he thought the cost of chemotherapy was being underrepresented on the show, received plenty of feedback from fellow fans this week. While thats right argued, “This is a show and I don’t think that anyone should take a personal offense to the actual price of cancer treatment,” squidninja offered, “I just went through 2 years of chemotherapy (knock on wood) and it’s really expensive! I have insurance, but I did see the bills and 1 BAG of chemo administered via IV cost around $8,000 – $10,000 (depending on the treatment).” Squidninja went on to say, “The sickness and nausea is horrible, and Walt really does appear sick in the show. He has a little too much energy for being on chemo, but it’s sure a great show!!”

Meanwhile the Win a Winnebago contest asked fans to speculate whether Hank would turn Walt in if (and when) he discovers his activities. While businessmenrokay argued, “I think he would, Hank is a typical cop, above the law and a hard ass. Although, his choice cigars might lead us to believe he has a weakness for breaking bad himself, without further character development it is hard to determine,” srelf said, “I don’t think Hank will take Walt in. He is first a family man, and wants the best for Walt and Walt’s family. Loyalty is paramount for police.” We’re still giving toy Winnebagoes away every week, so be sure to log on to the Breaking Bad blog for your chance to win!

And as always, log onto the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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