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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The Breaking Bad Talk forum reflected on the entire first season this week, as AMC began airing encores of the series. Prompted by a post that after watching the first episode, the story of Skyler’s hobbies never quite return, Colonel Panic stated, “It would be a mistake to detail Skyler’s ebay hobby or her short story writing, just as it would be inefficient and a waste of momentum to journalize sister-in-law’s thieving habits too much.” Pamala, however, disagreed and offered, “You gotta give the supporting players some depth of their own to make the viewers interested enough in them as individuals before you play them off the heart of the show, which is clearly Walt and Jesse.”

Other aspects of the premiere struck bird666, who after watching the scene where Walt defends his son in the clothing store commented, “My wife and I cheered Walt as he kicked those kids down a few pegs. We have a young son and both agreed that we would have also come to the defense of our child in that sort of situation.” Taofledermaus busied himself trying to spot allusions to other great instances of characters breaking bad: “Is it possible that Mr. White, and Pinkman (Mr. Pink) are subtle references to Reservoir Dogs?” he asked. “The stylization of BB with subtle humor, mixed with brutal violence reminds me a lot of Tarantino’s work.”

Meanwhile the Win a Winnebago contest had fans pondering who they’d like to see Break Bad next. Amber didn’t have to think about it very long: “Who I would like to see break bad most would be goody two shoes Skye. She’s very concerned and involved in her husband’s life. I would be too,” she said. Bman, however, had a different opinion: “I think Hank has some secrets that we have not seen…yet. Hank and Marie might be in on “something” together. They’re both goin’ down!” We have more Winnebagoes to give away, so keep logging on to the Breaking Bad blog each week to enter for a chance to win.

And as always, log on to the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a Breaking Bad conversation of your own!

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