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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Episode four of Breaking Bad left the Talk forum wondering where drug addiction comes from. After spending some time watching Jesse Pinkman’s family, wonderwoman1969 proffered, “A lot of people assume only poor people and people from broken homes become drug addicts, which is untrue. I have personally known quite a few people addicted to meth and cocaine… They turned to drugs as a way to escape their lives in some way. The fact that Jake and Jesse were pushed so hard in their academic endeavors by their parents could be the reason for them turning to drugs.” mtc saw the same parental pressure pushing both Jesse and his younger brother and said, “It’s tough enjoying this show and talking as a parent at the same time. Terrific storyline on wonderchild trying out weed. Gives us pushy parents something to think about.”

Turning to Walt, TCH asked two important questions: “Walt used to be a researcher at Los Alamos. I wonder why he would leave to teach H.S. chemistry?” and also, referring to his actions against the “Ken Wins” BMW, “Can you really do that to a car??” This latter question prompted Blastmaster to posit, “It’s interesting to begin to question at which points Walter is actually happy. He clearly isn’t happy at home, where he has not only built up a web of lies but now has to face constant harassment about his health. It’s unclear if he still enjoys teaching, although moments in past episodes indicated that he’s having a difficult time concentrating… the most at peace Walter has been is when he was at Jesse’s house, away from the normal pressures and harsh realities of his ‘real life.'”

Coincidentally, Blastmaster‘s comment was related to this week’s Win a Winnebago trivia question, which asked readers to ponder whether Walt was secretly enjoying his break. Doom Goon would hear none of it: “The man doesn’t have much longer to live and he isn’t enjoying any sort of break. He’s done everything from making a meth addict his partner to killing men just to keep his family accounted for. It sounds absolutely exhausting.” bobbo36, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure: “I don’t believe ‘enjoy’ is the right word, but I do think he is getting some satisfaction. Life is short and when you realize that it is going to be a heck of a lot shorter you take more risks. Walt is doing things, excluding the meth, that most of us wish we could do.” elmas, meanwhile, took a zen-like philosophical approach to the question and said, “I think his problem is that he takes everything too seriously. If he relaxes, not only will he enjoy his ‘new’ life, he’ll probably even enjoy being ‘just a chemistry teacher’ again.'”

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