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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The third episode of Breaking Bad brought new surprises and raised new questions for viewers on our Talk forum.

Pinochet summed up the episode’s strengths, saying “The flashback sequence that takes place while Walter and Jesse were cleaning up the mess of the botched disposal was perfect. Walter seemed to be regaining some reason. He knows his actions are wrong. Humanity is more than just the sum of its chemistry.”

Speaking of the mess, Lee Kane took quick issue with the camera angle during the mop-up scene, stating that although it was interesting to see the clean-up from underneath, it broke the fourth wall for him: “It makes me realize it’s a show,” he said. “So can’t say I’m a huge fan of that technique.” Geb on the Web disagreed and posited, “More genius by the creators of this great show…Let directors direct and stop being hack critics…”

The forum also heard from argent0000,
who claims to be a real-life Mr. White: “Swear to God, my name is Mr.
White, I teach high school chemistry, and although I’m not quite 50, I
can say that I have experienced something of a mid-life
crisis — although nothing to compared with Walt’s “end-life” crisis,” he
said. I can safely say that we’re all hoping the similarities between
argent0000 and Walt end there — and by his own admission, he only went
as far as buying a motorcycle.

Finally, the Win a Winnebago competition on the main blog had posters wondering what Walt should admit to Skyler. Shaffce
thought he should only mention the cancer, and not mention his second
career: “He won’t be around much longer to change whatever negative
impact it might have on their relationship and thus he will go to the
grave as a husband scorned…There are some things better off taken to
the grave.” iBatman,
on the other hand had a darker prediction: “I think Walter should tell
Skyler so that she can assist him. Together they can keep their DEA
Agent relative off their backs. 🙂 Also together, maybe they can work
on getting Walter healthy again by some miracle cancer treatment. Face
it Walter, we love you. You’re just in the wrong place, wrong time.”
Stay tuned to the main blog when we’ll announce the winner this week,
and pose another question for next week’s competition.

You can log on to the Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or start a Breaking Bad topic of your own!

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