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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The Talk forum had an extra week to ponder the second episode of Breaking Bad. Some were ready to move on to the third — “I’m getting the night off because of FOOTBALL??????” TUTTLE exclaimed, before asking AMC to “make it up to us fans and show a double feature” of episodes three and four. No such luck TUTTLE, but you’re just days away from episode three!

Other readers, like Pete, were looking even further ahead for Breaking Bad: “I see this show winning Emmy Awards for the Direction, the Story and the Acting. I can’t wait to see the next episode. ‘The sacred coin flip,’ Love it!”

Forget the Emmys, said crystalclearvideo, who began a post by comparing Breaking Bad with HBO and saying “already this show has become my favorite show on TV.” Bhaggberg seconded crystalclear’s nomination and added , “Can’t count the times I’ve wondered what it would be like to write it like it was. Refreshing, reminiscing points of view. I might actually watch TV again.”

The Episode 2 Win a WInnebago contest closed with readers still deadlocked as to who is getting the better deal: Walt or Jesse?

But chowards summed it up nicely when he remarked, “No matter what happens, we are all going to watch Walt die. Period. As we have already grown to like Walt and Jesse (and it is only the 2nd episode), we will hurt.” The Episode 3 contest, which begins next week, will move from the Talk forum to the main blog, so check back here for your next question, and your next chance to win a toy model of Walt’s RV.

You can also check out our Challenge Coin contest, where we’re asking you to guess who the first character will be to discover Walt’s secret, and why you think that. Responses thus far have varied from IZAC49‘s “Walt Jr. ‘Like father like son,'” to ktmeik‘s “Hank, because BrBa constantly defies expectations of what could or should happen in a given situation.”

And don’t forget to log onto the Breaking Bad Talk forum to share your thoughts on the third episode, or start a whole new conversation on anything BB!

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