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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Reactions to the second episode of Breaking Bad swirled around the Talk forum like red phosphorous in a Winnebago. Fans’ emotions ranged from absolute shock (“Oh maaaaan!!! that bathtub scene is outrageous,” said urban_redfox) to laughter (“I thought I would die when Walter asks Skyler to crawl back out of his ass” said wonderwoman1969).

The main debate was whether Jesse or Walt was getting the better deal. Casino Price thought the arrangement was evenly split: “Walt will get the money from the product and give that income to his family (hopefully)…As for Jesse, he gets his business back for the meantime and stays outta jail.”

Others, however, saw disparity. Bobbo36 argued, “Walter, by choice, is getting the short end of the stick. He is risking more than just going to jail, he could lose his family.” iBatman disagreed: “Walt is getting the better deal,” the post argued. “Poor Jesse is stuck working with his teacher. Everything Walt does surprises Jesse more and more. The poor kid is being traumatized.”

Be sure to log on to the Talk forum next week to share more thoughts from the first two episodes, and tune in Sunday, February 10 at 10PM | 9C for an all-new episode.

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