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TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and the Associated Press on Breaking Bad

TV Guide‘s Matt Roush declares that the the show is "infused with a Coen Brothers-like style of macabre humor." 

Ken Tucker, writing for Entertainment Weekly, gives the show a B+ then adds that it "mixes desperation and deviousness to yield a volatile, valuable product." 

Frazier Moore, reviewing for the Associated Press, says that "Breaking Bad dares to be bleak, heartbreaking, shocking and bitterly funny, hurtling its milquetoast hero into situations he couldn’t have imagined." 

Arizona Republic strikes a similar note with their praise of Breaking Bad‘s leading man: "Cranston is always good 

The Pioneer Press echoed the sentiment calling it a "new dark comedy with the terrific Bryan Cranston."

(The Pioneer Press, and Arizona Republic reviews were not online at the time of this post.)

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