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The New York Times: “When Going Gets Tough, a Not-So-Tough Turns to Meth”

The New York Times writes, “Crime does pay in the movies, at least for a while — the outlaws in Bonnie and Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have delightful rides until the authorities intervene.

Breaking Bad, a new seven-part series on AMC about a middle-aged chemistry teacher in Albuquerque who becomes a methamphetamine dealer, wants no part of that Hollywood formula. Walt White’s decision to turn to crime — part midlife crisis, part D.I.Y. estate planning — almost instantly lands him neck-deep in a morass of trouble without his ever experiencing the slightest shiver of a thrill.

“The series has a slight vein of black humor, but it is very, very dark: Thelma & Louise as seen by Dostoyevsky.”

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