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Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

Breaking Bad‘s Talk forum had much to say about this week’s premiere episode. Erock proclaimed, “Finally, a show worth watching,” while RiccardoB succinctly stated, “Thank You! to the ‘suits’ at AMC who took a chance with this project, and everyone who thunk it up and brought it to life.”

Pamala congratulated the show’s writer Vince Gilligan by saying, “While its been a painful long, LONG while waiting for you to be back to writing for TV, it is oh so worth the wait if Breaking Bad is what we get for our patience.”

MJF sparked a discussion about the issues Breaking Bad raises for the average middle class citizen: “Walter really could be your kid’s chemistry teacher–or your neighbor,” the post said. “How many Walters are out there who are perilously close to foreclosure or defaulting on credit cards, or just one serious illness or accident away from financial ruin?”

In addition, many commenters had differing opinions on when exactly Walt White “broke bad.” While kurtainsplitter argued, “I don’t think Walt has broken bad yet–I think we have to wait a few more episodes,” stonesrock maintained, “Walt broke bad when he stomped on the punk in the clothing store who was making fun of his son. The fact that he walked out the back at first tells me that he broke bad somewhere between leaving the store and coming back in to take care of matters in his own special way.”

Log onto the Talk forum this week to discuss episode two, and enter for another chance to win a toy model of Walt’s winnebago.

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