Season 5, Episode 14


Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, Walt and Jesse cook their first-ever batch of methamphetamine inside the RV in To'Hajiilee. Jesse rolls his eyes as didactic Walt lectures him on the chemistry behind the cook, and heads outside to smoke. Walt follows him, privately rehearsing an excuse for Skyler about why he'll be coming home late.

Once he's sufficiently out of Jesse's earshot, Walt calls Skyler. She doesn't blink when he tells her that Bogdan is keeping him late at the carwash, and asks him to pick up a pizza on the way home. The couple chats light-heartedly, and pregnant Skyler offers "Holly" as a name for the upcoming baby. Walt considers, liking it. In the distance, Jesse goofs off, swinging a stick through the air. The Whites exchange "I love you"s, and Walt hangs up the phone.

One by one, Walt, Jesse and the RV fade away. Only the desolate desert remains.

Back in the present, the gunfire from the shootout dies down. Hank crouches behind the SUV, his leg bleeding profusely. Nearby, Gomez lies dead.

Seeing Gomez's shotgun on the ground a few yards away, beleaguered Hank crawls toward it. Before he can reach it, Uncle Jack stops him. Hank's out of luck.

At Todd's request, Jack sends two of his men to look for Jesse, who disappeared during the fight. Meanwhile, Kenny finds Gomez's DEA badge and displays it to Jack: these guys weren't kidding about being cops. Jack cocks his gun and prepares to shoot Hank in the head, but Walt screams out, begging Jack to reconsider.

Walt pleads at length for his brother-in-law's life, eventually offering up his $80 million stash if Jack agrees to let Hank go. Jack is wary: with Gomez dead and Hank injured, it's going to be difficult for Hank to turn the other cheek.

Hank refuses to beg for his life. "You're the smartest guy I ever met, and you're too stupid to see: he made up his mind ten minutes ago," he tells Walt. Unflinching, Hank turns to Jack: "Do what you're gonna do." The canyon echoes with the sound of a single shot as Jack shoots Hank in the head. Walt crumbles to the ground and weeps.

Afterward, Jack remembers the coordinates that Walt had recited to him over the phone. "Pretty specific directions," he muses, ordering Kenny to follow the GPS in his cell phone to the exact location of the coordinates and start digging. The crew cheers when they unearth the first barrel of cash, and rush to uncover the rest of the money as Walt lies paralyzed.

Soon, Jack's men load Walt's money barrels onto their truck and dump Gomez and Hank's bodies unceremoniously into the pit where the barrels used to be. Defeated Walt doesn't watch; he simply stares at his bullet-ridden car.

Before Jack and his men leave, Todd pulls his uncle aside and convinces him to leave Walt with some money. "Sorry for your loss," Todd apologizes to Walt as he unlocks Walt's handcuffs. Walt doesn't respond.

Jack holds out a hand to Walt, needing to know that they're "square” before Jack leaves the desert — or else things will have to go another way. Numbly, Walt takes his hand. Jack and Todd head back to the truck, but a single word from Walt stops them in their tracks.

"Pinkman," he utters. "You still owe me."

Jack consents: a deal's a deal, so if Walt can tell them where Jesse is, they'll kill him. Walt points to the spot underneath his car, where they can just barely see Jesse cowering on his stomach, terrified.

Jack's men drag Jesse out kicking and screaming, and force him to his knees. Jack looks to Walt for confirmation: "Good to go?" Walt nods. Jack prepares to shoot, but Todd intervenes. He suggests that Jesse might have told the DEA things that would be bad for their crew, so maybe they should find out what before they kill him.

"I could do it," Todd offers, promising to get rid of Jesse after he's finished.

Seeing the logic — and knowing that this may be a fate worse than simple death, Walt agrees. Jack's men start to haul Jesse away. "Wait," Walt calls out, stopping them. He approaches Jesse.

"I watched Jane die," Walt declares, bitterly cold. "I could've saved her, but I didn't."

Shocked and devastated, Jesse crumples to the ground. He doesn't struggle as Jack's men drag him into the car.

Towing Gomez's SUV, Jack and his men head out of the desert in a plume of dust. Walt stands alone with his single barrel of money and his shot-up car. He attempts to drive it, but a stray bullet has punctured the gas tank, and he quickly runs out of fuel.

Rolling his barrel of cash through the desert on foot, Walt eventually comes upon a solitary house. He buys a truck from the elderly Native American man who lives there, and furiously races back home.

Meanwhile, Marie visits the car wash and tells Walter, Jr. that she needs to speak privately with his mom. Skyler resists, but Marie is firm.

In Skyler's office, Marie tells her sister that Hank has arrested Walt: dead to rights, no doubt about it. She promises to support Skyler on the condition that Skyler hands over every copy of the DVD "obscenity" that Walt made to frame Hank. Marie also insists that Skyler come clean to Junior immediately, before he finds out everything from the police.

Back at Jack's compound, Jesse lies prostrate in an underground cage, his face raw and severely beaten. Todd appears above him, and lowers a ladder into the pit. Jesse wails in terror, swearing that he's already told him everything he knows.

Todd gently brings Jesse to his meth lab and tethers him to a dog run that extends above the lineup of equipment. Jesse walks to the end of the lab, where a photo of Andrea and Brock is clipped to a post. Powerless, he pales at the implied threat.

"Let's cook," Todd says impassively, echoing their former mentor.

At the car wash, Junior reels from the revelation that Walt has been arrested for manufacturing drugs. "Both of you are out of your minds," he shouts at Skyler and Marie. Refusing to believe a word, he storms out. Marie promises to come by the White House later, after Skyler's had a chance to regroup.

Finally back home, Walt frantically throws clothing into suitcases.

Bitter Junior sits miserably in the passenger seat as Skyler drives him and Holly home. "If all this is true and you knew about it, then you're as bad as him," he accuses.

When they arrive at the house, Skyler is surprised to see a stranger's truck parked in the driveway. Walt runs out and, after throwing a few suitcases into the truckbed, urges them to come inside and pack immediately. Junior follows him in, barraging him with questions.

Tongue-tied Walt pushes aside Junior's questions, and pleads with his family to trust him. Skyler demands to know how Walt escaped Hank's arrest. Walt avoids the issue, and promises Skyler that a fresh start awaits them if they leave immediately. But it’s too late: Skyler senses that something has gone terribly wrong.

"You killed Hank," she utters, horrified.

"No! I tried to save him!" Walt howls. His family is speechless. Agitated Walt rushes out of the room to gather more suitcases. Junior follows him, demanding answers.

In the kitchen, Skyler grabs a knife and — holding Junior behind her — orders Walt to leave. Trying to mollify her, Walt moves toward Skyler. She slashes his hand and they fall screaming to the ground, struggling for the knife. Junior intervenes, wrestling Walt to the ground. He shields Skyler as Walt looks down at his terrified family. Knife in hand, blood dripping down his arm, Walt roars at them: "What the hell is wrong with you?! We're a FAMILY!"

But, looking at Skyler and Junior cowering beneath him, Walt's fury is punctured. He drops the knife, dazed. Junior takes the opportunity to grab his phone and dial 911. Walt tries to stop him, but Junior tells the police that Walt attacked his mom, and might have killed someone. Tortured, Walt turns to leave, and picks up Baby Holly on his way out the door.

Skyler realizes too late that the baby is gone. She rushes outside, where Walt has slammed the truck into reverse, forcing Skyler's SUV into the street. Skyler pounds on the windows, begging Walt to give Holly back, but he peels off down the street. Hollering at the top of her lungs, Skyler runs after them until the truck disappears. Skyler collapses in tears in the middle of the road, destroyed.

Later, in a rest-stop bathroom, Walt coos at Holly as he changes her diaper. "Mama," Holly whimpers over and over. Walt's heart breaks. He holds her close, overwhelmed.

At the White House, an officer issues an Amber Alert for Holly while Marie sits in shock. "He was in handcuffs," she whispers. "Hank had him in handcuffs…"

The phone rings: it's Walt. A detective instructs Skyler to answer, and quickly calls in a trace on the line. Walt demands to know if the police are listening, and Skyler lies that she's alone. Correctly assuming that the police are indeed listening, Walt begins to berate Skyler, playing the role of an abusive husband.

"You have no right to discuss anything about what I do," Walt rants. "What the hell do you know about it anyway? Nothing! I built this, it's me alone."

Understanding that Walt is trying to protect her, Skyler plays along: "I'm sorry," she murmurs, then presses to know where Hank is. Walt informs Skyler that they'll never see Hank again. Hearing this, Marie breaks down. Skyler begs Walt to come home with Holly.

"I've still got things left to do," Walt tells her, choking back tears. He hangs up and destroys the burner phone.

At a nearby fire station, a firefighter finds Holly sitting in the passenger seat of a fire engine. Her name and address is scrawled on a note pinned to her jacket.

The next morning, Walt sits alone on the side of the road where Jesse had previously waited for the Disappearer. The same nondescript minivan pulls up, and Walt loads his belongings — including the barrel of money — into the back. Once Walt's inside, the van drives off into the distance.