Season 5, Episode 13


Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.

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Full Recap

In his new meth lab, Todd tests the purity level of a batch for his Uncle Jack and Lydia: it's 76 percent, way up from Declan's last cook, but far from perfect. Jack commends the increase in purity, but Lydia cautiously points out that it's not blue — a key selling point for her buyers in Europe.

Afterward, Todd apologizes to Lydia for spoiling the color and promises that he'll try to fix it. Touching her shoulder, he offers to have Jack smooth things over with her buyers overseas. She declines, but urges Todd to make the cook better... for her.

As Lydia leaves, Todd's cell phone rings: it's Walt. He requests Jack's services again.

"Just one target," Walt tells Todd. "Jesse Pinkman." Todd, unfazed, says they can take care of it.

Gomez meets up with Hank and Jesse after the failed sting. Jesse relays a new plan to nab Walt: "I know some evidence that greedy asshole would never destroy," Jesse promises.

"His money," Hank interjects. Jesse nods. He may not know where Walt's cash is himself, but he has a good guess at someone who does.

Later, back at the Schrader house, Gomez reports that he's picked someone up and taken them to a safe house. Pleased, Hank removes a hunk of bloody calf brains from a grocery bag and drops it on the floor. Jesse recoils in disgust.

"You're up," Hank tells a confused Jesse.

At the safe house, Hank greets his potential informant: Saul's poker-faced henchman, Huell. He lies that Huell has been taken into protective custody to stay safe from Walt, since Huell is next on Walt's hitlist. Huell remains skeptical, until Hank shows him a photo of Jesse lying dead-eyed on the ground, calf brains splattered by his head.

Huell breaks down and reveals that Walt rented a van to move his money, which was stored in seven large plastic barrels. He tells Hank and Gomez that Walt had purchased a shovel, and that the van was filthy after Walt returned it. Hank starts to get the picture: Walt must have buried the money. He thanks Huell, and suggests that he stay put until Hank can guarantee his safety.

At his desert compound, Jack meets with Walt to discuss the particulars of the hit that Walt wants to place on Jesse. Jack asks if it should be treated as a "rat patrol," but Walt balks. He insists that Jesse isn't a rat, he's just someone who has become a liability. But, since Jesse is like family, he doesn't want him to suffer: the hit should be quick and painless.

Jack agrees, in exchange for Walt cooking a few batches to help tutor Todd and get the blue color back in the meth. Walt tries to refuse, but eventually agrees to cook one batch — after the job is done. Jack accepts this compromise, and offers to get rid of Jesse as soon as Walt can tell them where he's hiding.

In an attempt to draw Jesse out, Walt visits Jesse's former girlfriend Andrea at home. He expresses concern for Jesse, who has been using drugs again. At Walt's request, Andrea leaves Jesse a phone message explaining that she's with Walt and they're both worried about him. As soon as he leaves, Walt calls Jack's men, who are parked down the street from Andrea's house.

"Should be any time now," he advises.

Hank checks Jesse's messages and hears Andrea's voicemail. He sees right through Walt's bait.

"Nice try, asshole," he sneers, no intention of letting Jesse hear the message.

Hank reports to Gomez and Jesse that, unfortunately, the rental van didn't have GPS while Walt was burying his money — the tracking system had been removed a few months earlier. Gomez is ready to call it quits, but Hank is convinced that Walt buried the money somewhere in the desert. He guesses that Walt doesn't know the van didn't have GPS, and starts formulating a new plan...

Skyler trains Walter, Jr. at the Car Wash cash register. Looking worse for wear, Saul enters and pays for a wash, humoring a starstruck Junior with a snappy "Better Call Saul!"

Outside, Saul explains to Walt that Huell is missing and worries that Jesse figured out Andrea's call was a ruse. Walt notices that Saul is wearing a bulletproof vest, and tries to assuage his fears.

"Jesse is not on some killing spree," Walt maintains. "It's me he wants."

Soon after, Jesse texts Walt a photo: a barrel full of cash buried in the dirt. Walt's phone rings: "That barrel look familiar?" Jesse mocks. "I just found six more exactly like it." Horrified, Walt dashes out of the car wash, leaving his confused family behind.

In his car, Walt hurtles down the road in a mad panic. Jesse threatens to burn ten grand every minute until Walt shows up. Walt apologizes about poisoning Brock but points out that the boy is fine now, just as he planned. Jesse ignores Walt's apologies, calling him out on his lies and manipulations. Incensed, Walt fumes that the reason he killed Gus, Krazy-8 and the rest was to save Jesse's life as much as his own.

Walt finally arrives at the location he buried his money in the desert, but Jesse is nowhere to be found. He realizes he's been played, and takes the battery out of his cell phone immediately. Climbing to a nearby peak, he searches the horizon for signs that Jesse followed him.

A car approaches. Seeing no other way out, Walt reassembles his cell phone. He hides behind a large rock and calls Jack. "I've got Jesse in sight," Walt informs him. "If you want me around to cook for you, you get here right now." Pulling the old lottery ticket out of his wallet, he gives Jack the coordinates to the site.

As the car slows to a stop, Walt warns Jack that there appear to be three men total. Stomach dropping, he realizes who Jesse is with: Hank and Gomez. The jig is up. If Jesse's with them, he's caught.

"Forget it," he tells Jack, deflated. "It's off. Do not come."

Hank calls out Walt's name. Slowly, Walt emerges from his hiding spot. Hank and Gomez get him in their sights. Walt, beaten, drops his gun. He remains silent as Hank handcuffs him. Jesse watches in disbelief.

"I remember this place," Jesse tells Walt. "The very first place we cooked, like ever."

Hank reads Walt his Miranda Rights. "Coward," seething Walt finally utters, glaring at Jesse — who spits in Walt's face. Furious, Walt charges him. Hank separates them and locks Walt in the back seat of his SUV. He tells Gomez to stay on location with Jesse while Hank brings Walt to the precinct for booking.

Before he heads out, Hank calls Marie to tell her the good news. "Baby, I got him," Hank grins. "Dead to rights." Marie cries with relief.

"May be awhile before I get home," he warns, "I love you."

From the back of Hank's SUV, Walt spots two cars approaching in the distance: it's Jack and his men. They climb out of the cars and take aim at Hank and Gomez. The agents raise their guns in return, and demand that the gang drop their weapons. It's a stand-off.

"Jack, don’t do it!" helpless Walt screams.

Ignoring Walt, Jack gives his crew a sidelong glance. Kenny pulls his trigger and gunfire erupts. Hank and Gomez dive for cover and return fire, tearing the quiet desert apart in a massive firefight.

Terrified, Walt throws himself to the floor of the SUV as bullets blast through the windows and shower him in glass.