Season 5, Episode 11


Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand.

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Full Recap

Outside a highway diner, Todd leaves a voicemail for Walt to tell him that there's been a change in management after things "got a little messy" with Declan.

Afterward, Todd joins his Uncle Jack and Jack's cohort Kenny inside the diner. He regales them with the story of the methylamine train heist, though he conveniently leaves out any mention of the boy he shot in the aftermath. Jack is impressed with how meticulously Walt planned the heist, and asks Todd if he's ready to run his own lab.

"For sure, I got this," Todd confirms confidently.

Their breakfast finished, the men continue their drive back to New Mexico, the massive tanker of methylamine in tow.

In the Albuquerque PD interrogation room, Hank turns off the police's video camera and addresses the still-comatose Jesse. He tells Jesse that he knows Walt is Heisenberg. This stirs Jesse from his torpid state. Hank offers to help Jesse if he informs on Walt, but Jesse stays mum until Saul arrives and demands to speak to his client alone.

Saul berates Jesse for his stunt with the money. Jesse tells him to chill out, but Saul warns that things have gone "nuclear" since Hank discovered the truth about Walt.

At home, Walter, Jr. tells Walt he’s going out to visit Marie at her request. Sensing Marie's intent to lure his son away, Walt makes a calculated move: he tells Junior that his cancer is back. Junior tears up and declares that he'll stay in with Walt for the evening.

Meanwhile, Hank tells Marie he still hasn't informed his colleagues about Walt. She worries that he's incriminating himself by keeping it secret, but Hank brusquely assures her that he knows what he's doing.

Walt sits in front of a video camera in his bedroom and takes a deep breath. Wary Skyler presses record. "My name is Walter Hartwell White," he says. "This is my confession."

Skyler and Walt meet Hank and Marie at a restaurant. Without admitting anything, Walt asks Hank to back off, saying an investigation would devastate Junior. "Why tear this family apart?" he pleads.

"Just kill yourself," Marie proposes calmly. Skyler and Hank both balk at this calloused suggestion. Hank insists that Walt's only course of action is to admit his guilt. With nothing left to be discussed, Walt places a DVD on the table and leaves with Skyler.

Back at home, Marie and Hank watch the DVD, in which Walt spins an elaborate story pinning Hank and Gus as the masterminds behind the blue meth empire. He claims Hank forced him to cook meth and held his kids hostage for three months to prevent Walt from talking to the police. Walt also reveals that he paid over $177,000 for Hank's medical bills after Gus tried to have him killed.

Marie insists Hank show the video to the DEA, claiming no one will believe it. He considers, but admits that there's one part of Walt's story that confuses him: the very specific figure of $177,000. Marie deflates, and confirms that Walt did pay for some of Hank's medical bills — it was the only way they could afford the treatment he needed.

"That's the last nail in the coffin," Hank laments, knowing he and Marie look irrefutably complicit now.

Walt meets Jesse and Saul in the desert to ask Jesse for details about his encounter with Hank. Jesse explains that Hank wanted him to inform on Walt, though he doesn't think anyone else at the DEA knows about Hank's suspicions.

Walt suggests Jesse skip town and get a new identity. "I really think that would be good for you," he urges. Jesse recoils. "Would you just for once stop working me?" he challenges bitterly. "Just tell me you don't give a s—— about me and it's either this, or you'll kill me the same way you killed Mike." Instead of snapping back at him, Walt hugs Jesse, who breaks down in tears.

At the car wash, Walt finds Skyler sitting solemnly in her office. "It worked, and we're fine," he reassures her.

At the DEA District Office, Gomez questions why Hank has assigned Gomez's officers to follow Jesse. He reminds Hank that Jesse could sue if he catches on, given Hank's prior assault.

"Fine, take them off," Hank growls.

Saul swiftly arranges for the Disappearer to take Jesse away to a new life. However, when Jesse lights a joint in his office, Saul makes him put it out: the Disappearer won't take Jesse if he's high. Jesse finally acquiesces and puts the weed in his pocket, but Huell bumps into him as he exits.

As Jesse waits for the Disappearer, he searches his pockets for his weed stash. He finds only his pack of cigarettes. Jesse realizes that Huell not only took his pot today, he must have stolen the ricin cigarette from Jesse before Brock was poisoned. A nondescript mini-van pulls up in front of Jesse, but he ignores it and storms off in the other direction.

Jesse charges into Saul's office, locks the door and starts beating the hell out of the lawyer. Saul tries to retrieve a gun from his desk, but Jesse grabs it first. Not understanding why Jesse is so upset about the pot, Saul wails for Huell — who finally breaks the door and bursts into the room.

"The ricin cigarette!" Jesse screams. "You had him steal it off of me and helped that asshole Mr. White." Saul admits it, but vehemently insists he had no idea of Walt's plan to poison Brock. Jesse grabs Saul's keys and leaves in a rage. Terrified, Saul immediately calls Walt.

Walt screeches into the car wash parking lot, then calmly enters the reception area. After confirming that Skyler and Walter, Jr. are safe, he discreetly opens a soda machine and retrieves a gun stashed inside. Feigning that he's forgotten to pick up a prescription, Walt excuses himself and leaves the car wash.

Meanwhile, an apoplectic Jesse tears into the White house driveway in Saul's car. He storms into the house and begins dousing the living room with gasoline.