Season 5, Episode 10


While Skyler's past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with his guilt.

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Full Recap

As he leaves his house in the morning, an elderly man spots a stack of cash in his driveway. Looking down the street, he sees another stack, then another. He follows the trail of money down the street, leading him to Jesse's car, which has crashed into a nearby park. Jesse lies on a merry-go-round, staring blankly at the sky.

Walt peels out of Hank's driveway after their confrontation in the garage. He tries desperately to get ahold of Skyler, but is told she's unavailable. He races toward the car wash.

In her office, Skyler listens to Hank on the phone. She ignores Walt's calls. By the time Walt arrives at the car wash, she's gone.

Skyler meets Hank at a diner. He hugs her, and promises that she's safe from Walt. She listens to him calmly — until he places a tape recorder on the table and asks her to divulge everything she knows about Walt's criminal activity. When she hesitates, Hank tells her that her testimony will help nab Walt before the cancer kills him. Skyler is blindsided to hear that Walt's cancer has returned. She suggests that she may want to speak to a lawyer.

Desperate, Hank pushes for Skyler to cooperate. He tells her to get ahead of the case, for her own good. Skyler sees through him. "Am I under arrest?" she shrieks, drawing the attention of nearby patrons. Hank tries to calm Skyler down, but she hurries out of the diner.

Kuby and Huell go to Walt's storage unit to retrieve his cash. "I gotta do it, man," Huell tells Kuby before lying atop the massive pile of dough. He muses that they could steal the money and go to Mexico, but Kuby reminds him that Walt is not someone they ought to cross.

In his office, Saul advises Walt not to answer Skyler's calls, knowing Hank may have tapped her phone. He reassures Walt that the only evidence Skyler has is the cash, which they're taking care of. He floats the idea of killing Hank, but Walt angrily dismisses it. Family is off-limits.

Huell and Kuby arrive and hand off the keys to a van containing seven plastic barrels full of Walt's cash. Walt checks to make sure all the money is there, then hands Saul a duffel bag of cash. "Insurance, in case I need you," he explains.

Ordering Saul to find Jesse, Walt speeds away in the van. He drives far out into the desert and begins digging in the sand.

At home, Skyler calls Saul and demands to know Walt's whereabouts. Before she can get an answer, Marie knocks on the door.

Marie asks Skyler to prove Hank wrong, but deduces from Skyler's silence that his suspicions are correct. "Did you know since before Hank was shot?" she asks. All Skyler can do is tearfully apologize. Livid, Marie slaps her.

On her way out of the house, Marie picks up Baby Holly and tries to leave with her. Horrified, Skyler blocks her way out. She begs Marie to give the baby back. The sisters' fight escalates until Hank intervenes and orders Marie to return Holly to Skyler. Marie reluctantly obeys, and the couple exits.

"You have to get him," Marie tells Hank when they're back in the car.

Meanwhile, Walt digs through the night and buries the barrels of cash. Using a GPS unit, he marks and memorizes the coordinates of his stash, then smashes the GPS against a rock.

Back at home, Walt posts a lottery ticket on the fridge that secretly contains the coordinates of where his money is buried. Approaching him cautiously, Skyler notes Walt's dirty clothes and figures out what he's been up to. "I told Hank nothing," she swears. Walt doesn't respond, and suddenly passes out.

Walt wakes on the bathroom floor the next morning. Skyler tends to him, and asks if his cancer has truly returned. He admits that it has, vowing to turn himself in if she promises to keep the money for the children. "Please don't let me have done all this for nothing," he pleas. Skyler dismisses the idea, saying Hank seems to lack hard evidence against them.

"Maybe our best move here is to stay quiet," she advises.

Lydia meets Declan at a scrap yard in the middle of the desert. Citing a fifty million dollar shortfall, she demands to see the conditions of Declan's lab.

They descend a ladder under a hidden hatch, and enter a buried bus containing the lab. She remarks that it's filthy and substandard, but Declan insists the product sells just fine now that the blue meth is off the market. Lydia explains that Heisenberg's standards still matter to her buyer in the Czech Republic, and suggests that he allow Todd to cook again. Declan refuses.

"I really wish you had given him a chance," Lydia says, checking her watch.

When one of Declan's men calls out that there’s a problem above-ground, Declan hastens up the ladder and closes the hatch. Soon, gunfire erupts above. Lydia plugs her ears and waits. Once things quiet down, Todd opens the hatch and reports the all-clear.

Not wanting to see the result of the slaughter, Lydia keeps her eyes closed as Todd escorts her past Declan's dead men. Todd notices that Declan is still alive, and gives a shout to his Uncle Jack, who is standing by with his well-armed crew. Without blinking, Jack shoots Declan in the head, and orders his men to gather all the cooking supplies from the lab.

At home, Marie urges Hank to tell his colleagues about Walt. He refuses, saying his career will be over once everyone finds out Heisenberg was his own brother-in-law. "When I go in there, I'm bringing proof, not suspicion," he insists. "I can be the man who caught him, at least."

Marie argues that he'll go to jail if the DEA learns he withheld information. Considering the risk, Hank eventually accedes.

The next day, despondent Hank goes to the office. Before he can tell anyone about Walt, Gomez stops by and asks if he's heard the news about Jesse Pinkman.

At the Albuquerque police station, two familiar officers interrogate Jesse. They want to know why he was tossing millions of dollars around the city, but Jesse remains silent, almost comatose.

Watching through a window, Hank catches the attention of the officers, and motions for them to join him outside. He tells them he has a history with Jesse, and might be able to get him talking. They agree to take a coffee break. Alone, Hank enters the interrogation room.