Season 5, Episode 9

Blood Money

As Walt and Jesse adjust to life out of the business, Hank grapples with a troubling lead.

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Full Recap

In a flash-forward, Walt drives up to the White house, which is now fenced-in and derelict. He grabs a tire iron from the trunk and enters the house. Trash and graffiti are everywhere; a bunch of teenagers skateboard in the empty backyard pool. Something catches his eye as he walks through the skeletal remains of his living room. It's a single word, spray-painted in giant yellow letters on the wall: "HEISENBERG." In the bedroom, he retrieves the vial of ricin from its hiding spot behind a wall outlet plate.

Back outside, a neighbor catches sight of Walt. "Hello, Carol," he says mildly, causing her to drop her groceries in shock.

In the present, Hank emerges from the bathroom holding Walt's copy of Leaves of Grass. Shell-shocked from the realization that Walt could be Heisenberg, he stows the book in his bag and rejoins the family out by the pool. Hank tells Marie he's not feeling well, and they leave.

Hank has a panic attack while driving home and runs their car onto someone's lawn. Luckily, no one is hurt. At home, Marie urges caution — but Hank insists it was just an accident. He asks her not to tell Skyler.

Hank finds a copy of Gale's lab notes in his garage and compares the handwriting with the inscription in Leaves of Grass: it's a match.

At the car wash, Walt suggests to Skyler that they open a second location to speed up the money-laundering process. He's back to his milquetoast sweater-and-khakis look, no trace of the man formerly known as Heisenberg. Skyler agrees to consider the idea, and turns to help the next customer...

...Lydia. She's sought out Walt at the car wash to report the dramatic drop in the quality of meth being produced since his departure from the business. She urges Walt to help get the operation back on course, but Walt tells her it's no longer his concern.

After Lydia walks away, Skyler asks Walt about her. He admits that she's a former business associate who wants him to come back into the fold. "And I won't," he promises firmly.

Steeling herself, Skyler confronts Lydia outside and orders her to leave. "Never come back here, do you understand me?" she demands. Alarmed, Lydia drives away at once.

Hank stays home from work, but has two colleagues drop off boxes of evidence from the Heisenberg case at his house. They offer to help him go through the files, but he sends them away. Alone in his garage, he methodically sorts through stacks of crime scene photos and police reports. He finds the drawing of Heisenberg that was placed in the Santa Muerte shrine, now noting its resemblance to Walt.

At his house, Jesse zones out in the living room as Badger regales Skinny Pete with his idea for a Star Trek episode. Jesse leaves to retrieve his two duffel bags of cash, then exits the house without a word.

Jesse brings the cash to Saul and instructs him to distribute one bag to Kaylee Ehrmantraut, Mike's granddaughter, and the other to the parents of Drew Sharp, the boy that Todd killed during the train heist. Saul advises him against this, saying it will raise red flags, but Jesse insists.

After Jesse leaves, Saul calls Walt, who says he'll handle it. Walt hangs up, and we see where he is: a chemo-infusion room, mid-treatment. His cancer is definitely back.

Walt visits Jesse and returns the cash. Jesse refuses to accept it, calling it "blood money."

"The past is the past," Walt asserts, saying he's now been out of the business for a month himself. He asks why Jesse wants to help Kaylee, since Mike will certainly provide for her when he gets back to town. Jesse reveals his suspicion that Walt killed Mike, but Walt insists Mike is still alive.

"I need to know you believe me," Walt says, staring sternly at Jesse. Knowing what happens to people on Walt's bad side, Jesse relents. "Like you say... he's alive."

Over dinner, Skyler mentions in passing that Hank still isn't feeling well. Walt excuses himself and runs to the bathroom, where he vomits in the toilet. Looking up, Walt notices that Leaves of Grass is missing.

Later, Walt searches for the book. He asks Skyler what's been wrong with Hank. "It's a stomach bug," she says. "He hasn't been to work all week."

On a hunch, Walt walks outside and examines his car in the driveway. He discovers a GPS tracking device attached to the undercarriage — the same type that Hank had Walt plant on Gus' car.

Meanwhile, Jesse is sleeping in his car when a homeless man wakes him up, looking for change. Jesse hands him some money from one of the duffel bags. Struck by an idea, Jesse drives through a poor residential neighborhood and throws stacks of cash into the yards like newspapers.

The next day, Hank's colleagues bring even more boxes of evidence to his garage. As they leave, Walt pulls into Hank's driveway. Hank quickly hides the files he's currently going through, and greets Walt stiffly.

Walt asks how Hank is feeling, and — after some polite conversation — confronts him with the tracking device. Hank closes the garage door and punches Walt in the face. "All along it was you, you son of a bitch," he accuses. "You killed ten witnesses to save your sorry ass. You bombed a nursing home."

Without admitting anything, Walt tries to reason with Hank. He reveals that his cancer is back and that he'll be dead before Hank could even bring him to court. Hank doesn't flinch, vowing to put Walt in prison. Then, trying a new tack, Hank tells Walt to bring the family to the Schrader house so that they can talk. Walt sees right through this. He refuses harshly, and Hank finally sees a glimpse of Heisenberg inside his brother-in-law. Quietly, Hank tells him that he doesn't even know who Walt is anymore.

"If that's true," Walt warns, "If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."