Season 5, Episode 8

Gliding Over All

Walt ties up loose ends. Seeing the evidence of his success, he makes a startling and dangerous decision.

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Full Recap

Lost in his thoughts at the empty Vamonos Pest office, Walt stares at a fly that has landed on the desk in front of him. Transfixed, he doesn't seem to notice when Todd enters the office. "The car has been dealt with, sir," Todd says softly, confirming that Old Joe crushed Mike's car at the junkyard. "Should we deal with this other thing now?"

Grimacing, they open the trunk of Walt's car. Mike's body lies motionless inside. "It had to be done," Walt insists as they prep a barrel and hydrofluoric acid. "Okay," says an agreeable Todd. Right before they get started, the garage door unexpectedly rolls open. Todd slams the trunk shut as Jesse walks in, demanding to know if Mike got away. "He's gone," Walt evades.

Worried that Mike's men are liable to talk to the DEA now that their hazard pay is gone, Jesse wonders what their plan of action should be. "There is no 'we,' Jesse. I'm the only vote left," Walt chides. "And I'll handle it." With that, Walt closes the garage door in Jesse's face.

To Do List Dennis and a public defender meet with Hank and an Assistant U.S. Attorney. The public defender states that his client is willing to give up details of Fring's operation, but only if the DEA drops all charges and offers him immunity. Hank refuses, boasting that he has eight other guys like Dennis locked up, not to mention Mike's lawyer.

At a coffee shop, Walt asks Lydia for the names of Mike's men. Concerned that Walt will kill her once she gives up the list, Lydia argues for her continued usefulness by proposing he use Madrigal's resources to expand the business into the Czech Republic. Walt hears her out, and agrees to a trial run of her plan. Pleased, she shakes his hand and gives him the names. After she exits, Walt uncovers the ricin vial that he'd intended to poison her with: she'd been right about his intentions after all.

Walt returns home to hide the ricin once again. He calls Todd, requesting to set up a meeting with Todd's prison-connected uncle.

In a motel room, Walt sits quietly while Todd's uncle Jack and his crew debate the logistics of killing Mike's men in prison. Finally, Jack tells Walt he can take out all ten guys — but not in two minutes as Walt requested. "Figure it out," Walt orders. "That's what I'm paying you for."

At home, Walt stares out a window and consults his watch. Over the course of the next two minutes, all ten men scattered across three jails are murdered by other inmates. At the DEA, Gomez informs Hank of the killings. Meanwhile, Walt's cell phone rings. "It's done," Jack tells him.

As Walt plays with Holly at the Schrader home, a TV news anchor reports that authorities are investigating a coordinated sequence of prison attacks. Hank comes home despondent. After pouring himself and Walt a stiff drink, Hank reminisces about a summer job tagging trees. That would be a better line of work than "chasing monsters," he sighs.

Weeks pass as Walt and Todd cook batch after batch. While Todd drops meth off with Declan's driver, Lydia labels contraband-filled barrels bound for Europe. Walt and Todd count money as it rolls in, and Skyler balances the car wash ledger. Everything is going according to plan though the relentlessness of the process seems to be taking a toll on Walt.

Two months later, at the Schrader house, Marie carefully approaches Skyler about moving the kids back home. "Maybe at this point the best way to help repair the family would be to repair the family," Marie suggests. Uneasy, Skyler considers.

At home, Skyler finds Walt staring solemnly at the swimming pool. "Take a drive with me," she implores.

Skyler brings Walt to a storage unit and reveals a massive cube of stacked cash. Walt is speechless as she explains that there's too much money to count, and far too much to launder. "I want my kids back. I want my life back," she pleads. "How big does this pile have to be?"

Walt gets a CAT Scan. In the bathroom of Dr. Delcavoli's office, he washes his hands and stares at the dented metal towel dispenser that he pummeled months earlier upon learning that he was in remission.

Jesse, looking worse for wear, dozes off holding a lit cigarette in his filthy house. Walt stops by, and Jesse greets him warily. As he's hiding his bong, Jesse admits that Saul told him that Walt took care of Mike's men. Even with that knowledge, he still has no intention of returning to the business. The two reminisce about the old days in the RV. Jesse wonders why, even after they had money, they chose to keep it. "Inertia," Walt muses.

When Walt leaves, Jesse finds he's left behind two black duffel bags. He nervously unzips a bag and finds it's filled with cash.

Jesse breathes deeply and collapses to the floor. He takes out a gun he'd been hiding in his waistband and slides it away across the floor — looks like he shared Lydia's fears about Walt's homicidal streak.

Upon his return home, Walt approaches Skyler, who's washing dishes in the White kitchen. "I'm out," he announces. She stares at him, incredulous. "I'm out," he confirms. Walt smiles bittersweetly, and leaves Skyler standing in the kitchen, a glimmer of hope flickering in her eyes.

Later, Walt, Skyler, Marie and Hank enjoy a family meal poolside while Walter, Jr. plays with Holly. Marie and Skyler talk about hair preferences past and present, while Walt and Hank discuss Hank's homebrew, Schraderbrau. Walt and Skyler share a small smile at this apparent return to normalcy.

Hank excuses himself from the table, and heads to the bathroom. Searching for reading material, he picks up a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass from a magazine basket. Inside the front cover, Hank notices an inscription: "To my other favorite W.W. It’s an honor working with you. Fondly, G.B.” A flicker of recognition crosses Hank's face.

Hank flashes back to the time he consulted Walt about Gale Boetticher’s lab notebook. Hank reads a note — "To W.W. My Star, My Perfect Silence" — and jokes that the initials correspond with Walt's. "You got me," jokes Walt, putting his hands up.

Back in the present, a look of horror crosses Hank's face as the realization sinks in: Walt is Heisenberg.