Season 5, Episode 7

Say My Name

Walt takes control of business matters as Mike grapples with the consequences of his actions.

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Full Recap

Mike, Jesse and Walt meet Declan in the desert. Walt squelches the methylamine deal but offers Declan a 35% stake in the business if he agrees to distribute Walt's meth and pay Mike his $5 million as a finder's fee.

Confounded by Walt's galling demands, Declan asks, "Who the hell are you?" Walt declares that he's the cook — the man who killed Gus Fring. "Say my name," Walt demands. "You're Heisenberg," says Declan, finally putting the pieces together. "You're goddamn right," Walt growls.

After Declan leaves, Jesse reminds Walt that he wants out, too, and asks when he'll get his $5 million. Walt evades the question and asks for more time to get set up with the new crew.

At Vamonos, Mike reiterates that he'll pay the legacy costs out of his own pocket, but that the last outstanding threat is the bug in Hank's office. He curtly tells Walt to retrieve it. Walt storms off when Mike refuses to thank him for brokering the deal with Declan. Jesse says good-bye to Mike, repeating that he's leaving the business. Mike clearly doesn't buy it. As they shake hands, Walt eyes them from the office.

Walt and Jesse retrieve the methylamine from the car wash. Fearing it will attract danger, Skyler demands to know what it is and why Walt was hiding it. Walt deflects Skyler's questions and suggests she return to the office.Jesse stares sadly after her.

Dan Wachsberger — the lawyer for Mike's imprisoned guys — visits a bank and stacks money in various safety deposit boxes. He puts the remaining cash in a larger box, along with an envelope that reads, "To Kaylee on her 18th birthday."

Dan joins Mike in his car. "I guess this is it for a while," he says, assuring Mike that his men's families will continue to get their hazard pay.

Out in the desert, Mike listens to Hank's bugged office via his laptop and learns that a search warrant for his home has just been expedited. Mike uncovers a hidden and abandoned well and tosses the laptop inside, along with a large cache of guns: he's clearing the decks and closing up shop.

At an airport parking lot, Mike stores a duffel bag in his trunk, hides the car keys nearby and hails a cab home. Shortly after, Hank and a crew of DEA agents arrive to search Mike's apartment, but find nothing. Hank glares at Mike, stymied.

At Vamonos, Jesse again tells Walt he's ready to collect his money and quit. Walt tries to change Jesse's mind, offering him his own lab. When that fails, Walt asks why Jesse would squander his cooking skills. "What have you got in your life? Nothing, nobody," Walt taunts.

Jesse angrily asks how many more people have to die at their hands. Walt counters that if Jesse is concerned about that, he has no business wanting any blood money. "Whatever man, you don't wanna pay me? I don't care. It's on you,î Jesse says, abandoning Walt. Walt impotently flings a few more words at Jesse, but he's gone. Walt's alone.

Via teleconference, SAC Ramey chastises Hank for obsessing over the Fring case and shirking his new duties as ASAC. To prevent further waste, he kills the budget for the surveillance of Mike Ehrmantraut. Undeterred, Hank instructs Gomez to trail Dan Wachsberger. Gomez is reluctant to tail a lawyer, but concedes: "You're the boss."

Walt suits up and enters the cooking tent, where Todd awaits as his new assistant. Todd takes copious notes as Walt explains the cooking process. When they finish the batch, Todd admits he's overwhelmed. "You applied yourself, that's as much as I can ask," Walt encourages, then brings up money. Todd says they can talk money once he gets the job right.

Back at the bank, Gomez and his men walk in on Dan as he makes another round of legacy payments. Dan's caught, red-handed; Gomez can't help but grin.

Walt visits Hank at work and again sobs about his marital problems, asking Hank for coffee. Walt removes the bug before Hank returns, then overhears Gomez briefing Hank on the Wachsberger interrogation: "He's willing to give us Ehrmantraut," Gomez says, celebrating with Hank.

While watching Kaylee play in the park, Mike receives a call from Dan, who requests a meet. Mike senses something wrong, but doesn't notice anything amiss in the park. Walt then calls and frantically warns that the DEA is coming for him. A patrol car drives up, and cops flank Mike's car, searching for him. Mike steals one last look at Kaylee before fleeing the cops who are closing in.

In his office, Saul worries that Mike will flip if captured. "He won't flip," Jesse insists, but Walt worries that one of his nine men will. Mike then calls, asking Saul to fetch his go-bag. With the police watching Saul's movements, and Jesse out of the business, Walt volunteers to retrieve it.

At the airport, Walt grabs the duffel bag from Mike's car and opens it, finding cash, a passport, and a holstered revolver inside.

Walt meets Mike in a remote area near the Rio Grande. Handing over the duffel, Walt insists Mike reveal the names of his nine men. Mike refuses, ranting at Walt for ruining a "good thing" by destroying Gus's empire. "It was perfect, but no you just had to blow it up," Mike sneers. "You and your pride and your ego, you just had to be the man. If youíd done your job, known your place, we'd all be fine right now."

Walt storms off, infuriated, but quickly doubles back toward Mike.

Meanwhile, Mike opens the duffel bag in his car and finds the revolver missing from its holster. Immediately Walt appears outside his window and fires.

Mike slams the car into gear and drives off, but quickly crashes into a nearby rock. Walt, in shock, cautiously approaches the car and finds it empty. He follows Mike's blood trail into the reeds by the Rio Grande, where Mike is sitting quietly on a rock, bleeding to death.

Walt gently takes another gun from Mike's hand and looks off, dazed. "I just realized that Lydia has the names," Walt says. "I'm sorry, Mike, this whole thing could've been avoided if—"

Mike cuts him off: "Shut the f—— up and let me die in peace," he says.

Walt and Mike stare silently at the river until Mike slumps over, dead.