Season 5, Episode 6


Walt, Jesse, and Mike struggle over the future of their business, as occupational hazards weigh on Jesse.

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Full Recap

At Vamonos Pest, Walt, Mike and Todd silently unload the train heist equipment from a dirt-filled dump truck. Like surgeons, they dismantle the motorbike ridden by the boy that Todd shot, placing all the parts into a barrel, then pouring hydrofluoric acid over them in order to dissolve the evidence. As Walt readies another barrel, Todd digs through the dirt, uncovering the boy's arm. The guys wince, dreading the task ahead.

Todd joins a tormented Jesse outside for a cigarette. "Shit happens, huh?" Todd offers. Enraged by Todd's attempt to make conversation, Jesse punches Todd in the face.

Later in the Vamonos office, Todd tries to justify his actions: "It was him or us," Todd insists, "and I chose us." Before he leaves, Todd pleads to be allowed to stay in the operation, boasting that his uncle's prison connections could help them out.

Alone with Mike and Jesse, Walt reviews their options: fire Todd, dispose of him, or keep him working for them under close watch. Walt and Mike vote for option three, despite Jesse's protests.

Mike informs Todd that he's still on the crew, for now. "The next time you bring a gun to a job without telling me," he warns, "I will stick it up your ass sideways."

Back in his car, Todd breathes a sigh of relief, then takes the dead boy's tarantula out of his bag and marvels at it.

Gomez and another DEA agent surveil Mike, who's at the park with his granddaughter. They watch Mike stow a note under a garbage can. Gomez, thinking it's a dead drop, excitedly retrieves the note after Mike leaves. His face falls when he sees the message: "F—— you."

Mike listens in via the bug planted in Hank's office as Gomez reports on the incident to Hank. Hank predicts that Mike is bound to make a mistake eventually.

While visiting Holly at Hank and Marie's house, Skyler tears up. She misses the kids, but knows she needs to stay away to keep them safe. "Safe from what?" Marie asks. "From Walt and me," she explains.

Marie urges Skyler to unburden herself, promising that there isn't anything Skyler couldn't talk to her about. Right as Skyler seems about to let the floodgates open, Marie blurts out that she knows about Skyler's affair with Ted. Realizing that Walt has already gotten to Marie, Skyler coolly plays along.

While taking a break from cooking, Walt and Jesse catch a TV news report about the dead boy, who's been reported missing. Noting Jesse's distress, Walt turns off the TV and sensitively assures him there will be "plenty of time for soul-searching" once they’ve exhausted the methylamine and made their money.

Walt offers to finish the cook alone, a proposal that Jesse gratefully accepts. However, as Jesse leaves, he overhears Walt whistling happily. Jesse pauses, shocked at his partner's apparently upbeat attitude in the wake of their role in this boy's death.

Later, Walt drops off the latest batch of meth at Vamonos Pest, where he finds Mike and Jesse conferring in the office. Mike tells Walt that the DEA is tailing him, and declares that he's quitting the business. Barely concealing his pleasure at this news, Walt tells Mike that he'll have to teach Jesse how to manage the distribution end of the business. Jesse, unable to look Walt in the eye, says that he's out, too.

Mike outlines a plan to sell his and Jesse's share of two-thirds of the methylamine to a Phoenix connection for $5 million apiece. Walt accuses Jesse of selling out, but Jesse disagrees. "Are we in the meth business or the money business?" he argues.

Out in the desert, Mike and Jesse give their potential buyer, Declan, a methylamine sample. Declan agrees to the $10 million price if it means getting the blue meth off the market, but quickly deduces that they have a third partner who still intends to cook. He calls the deal off unless they agree to sell all 1000 gallons of methylamine to him.

At the White residence, Jesse begs Walt to sell his share, insisting $5 million is more than enough. Walt refuses and recounts how he sold his share of Gray Matter — now worth $2.16 billion — for a mere $5,000. "I sold my kids' birthright for a few months' rent," he says, declaring that he's in neither the meth nor the money business, but rather in the empire business.

Skyler arrives home and Walt brazenly re-introduces her to Jesse. He insists that Jesse stay for dinner. Skyler grudgingly obliges.

During dinner, Jesse makes small talk while Skyler drinks copious amounts of wine. When Jesse mentions he's heard great things about Skyler from Walt, she pointedly asks Jesse if Walt told him about her affair, then excuses herself from the table.

Walt confides in Jesse that Skyler forced him to send the kids away, and that she is counting the days until his cancer returns. "This business is all I have left now," he mourns, "And you want to take it away from me."

Later in the evening, a desperate Walt rushes to the Vamonos garage, seeking to steal the tank of methylamine before Jesse and Mike can sell it. Mike, predicting that Walt would try this, catches him in the act. He holds Walt at gunpoint for the rest of the night so that Walt doesn't have a chance to ruin Mike's plan.

In the morning, Mike tells Walt that he needs to leave Vamonos for a short while to take care of an errand. Not trusting Walt to be left alone, he zip-cuffs Walt to a radiator and exits. Seeing no way to wrest himself loose from the zipcuff, Walt tries to knock a nearby coffee pot off a filing cabinet — hoping to use the broken glass to cut himself free. Unfortunately, the pot doesn't break, and the only thing left within his reach is the coffee maker's power cord, which is plugged into a surge protector.

Using his teeth, Walt strips the power cord down to the wire. Bracing himself, he turns the surge protector on, creating an electric arc between the wires that burns through the plastic cuff on his wrist. Finally free, he runs to a nearby water cooler and pours cold water over his badly injured wrist.

Meanwhile, tending to his errand, Mike visits the DEA offices with Saul. Saul tells Hank and Gomez that their ongoing surveillance of Mike is tantamount to stalking, and that he's filed for a Temporary Restraining Order with a sympathetic judge.

Afterward, Saul tells Mike that the TRO won't hold up long, and Hank will be back on his tail with a vengeance within twenty-four hours. "It's enough," Mike says.

Back at Vamonos, Mike goes looking for the tanker of methylamine, but finds the garage cleaned out. He angrily storms into the office, where Walt and Jesse wait. Mike shoves a gun in Walt's face, demanding to know where the methylamine is. Jesse cries out that Walt has a plan that will make everyone happy. "Is that true, Walter?" Mike asks. Walt stares back at Mike. "Everybody wins," he promises.