Season 5, Episode 1

Live Free or Die

As Walt deals with the aftermath of the Casa Tranquila explosion, Hank works to wrap up his investigation of Gus' empire.

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Full Recap

In a flash-forward, Walt sits in a diner and arranges his bacon into the number 52: it's his birthday. The waitress tells him that meals are free on birthdays, so Walt flashes her a New Hampshire driver's license with his photo on it.

A man walks in — it's Lawson, the gun dealer from whom Walt purchased his .38 revolver. Walt follows him into the bathroom, where he hands Lawson a thick envelope in exchange for a set of keys. Lawson asks for Walt's assurance that the acquisition won't wind up in Mexico, and then leaves. Walt coughs and pops some pills.

As he leaves the restaurant, the waitress calls out, "Happy birthday, Mr. Lambert."

In the parking lot, Walt opens the trunk of a white Volvo and takes out a duffel bag. Using the clicker he got from Lawson, he finds a nearby car and opens the trunk: inside, there's an M60 machine gun. He scans the lot, tosses in the duffel and slams the trunk.

Backing up from where we left off last season, Walt calls Skyler shortly after Gus's death. "I won," he tells her.

At home, Walt gathers the bomb-making materials in a trash bag and stuffs it in his car trunk. Afterwards he pours himself a drink, but stops short when he remembers the Lily of the Valley plant — which he then gets rid of as well.

Walter, Jr. and Skyler arrive. Jr. chatters excitedly about Gus's death, boasting that ìUncle Hank is gonna be a hero, even moreso than before.î

Walt joins Skyler in the bedroom, where she's quietly unpacking. He asks if she's relieved to see him alive. She says she is, but also scared. "Scared of what?" Walt asks. "You," she answers.

Alone, Walt coos at baby Holly, calm... until he suddenly rushes from the bedroom. Whatever he just remembered, it's urgent.

Hank and Gomez sift through the remains of the superlab: Hank's moment of triumph. Hank spots an object mounted on the wall and speculates it's a melted security camera.

Mike is convalescing in Mexico when the doctor who'd treated Gus after the Cartel bloodbath informs him that Gus is dead. Later, he speeds down a dusty road. Another car barrels toward him. They pass each other then screech to a halt. Walt and Jesse jump out of the other car. Mike points his gun at Walt but Jesse stands between them.

Walt tells Mike that the footage from Gus's security cameras will give them away. Mike says the video files would be on a laptop Gus kept in his office.

At Los Pollos, Hank watches the police bag Gus's laptop and label it for evidence.

At Jesse's house, Mike calls the police pretending to be a USPS employee investigating Gus for meter fraud. He learns that the police have the laptop and scoffs at Walt's thought that they could retrieve it, explaining the evidence room is guarded around the clock. Jesse repeatedly suggests using a magnet, which eventually gives Walt an idea...

Later, Walt, Jesse and Mike talk to Old Joe — the junkyard owner that destroyed the RV — who declares their plan "doable, but expensive." Walt asks Jesse to spot his share of the cost. Although Mike expresses skepticism about the plan, Jesse insists they need him.

Saul visits Skyler at the car wash and cryptically and solemnly warns her the police may call her about Ted. "Ted's dead?" she asks, tearing up. "No, he just woke up," Saul says.

Back at the junkyard, Joe has loaded an old cube van with a lifting crane magnet wired to twenty-one car batteries. Jesse stands at a distance from the rigged truck holding a laptop while Walt turns the dial on a control box. As Jesse walks closer, the laptop dies, then flies out of his hands and slams into the van. "Yeah, bitch! Magnets!" Jesse cheers. Walt instructs Joe to increase the amperage.

Skyler visits Ted in the hospital and finds he's been confined to a halo brace. She tries to apologize, but he cuts her off, terrified. He tells her he reported his fall as an accident, swearing, "I will never breathe one word of this." "Good," she replies.

That night, Mike hotwires the police station security gate, allowing Walt and Jesse to park the cube van outside the evidence room. Walt turns the magnet dial. Inside the evidence room, metal objects fly off shelves and stick to the wall. Walt cranks the dial to its max and the van topples over. Police officers rush outside but find the van empty.

As they flee the scene, Mike chastises Walt and Jesse for leaving the van behind, but Walt insists it's untraceable. "How do we know?" Mike asks. "Because I say so," says Walt.

The police inventory the evidence room, declaring Gus's laptop damaged. An officer then studies a framed photo of Gus. He notices that it had broken during the chaos and now reveals a list of secret bank accounts hidden beneath the broken frame.

At Saul's office, Walt scolds Saul for giving Skyler $622,000 to pay off Ted's tax debt. Saul reminds Walt that he put himself on the line by participating in Brock's poisoning. Thrusting the ricin cigarette at him, Saul tells Walt that their business relationship is done. Walt bridles at that, backing Saul into a corner of the office. "We're done when I say we're done," he says.

Walt returns home to find Skyler changing Holly's diaper in the bedroom. "I heard what happened to Ted," he says. Skyler tries to assure Walt that Ted won't talk, but Walt just wraps his arms around her. "I forgive you," he says, and Skyler is left to endure his menacing embrace.