Season 3, Episode 4

Green Light

Walt loses control as he reacts to Skyler's news, endangering his job and relationships with Saul and Jesse. Hank throws himself into his blue meth investigation. Jesse enacts a new plan.

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Full Recap

At a desert gas station, Jesse fills the RV's tank. Realizing that he has no cash, he charms the cashier girl into taking some freshly manufactured blue meth as payment.

Mike visits Saul and plays an audio recording of Skyler and Walt's fight over her affair with Ted. Skyler admits that Walt called her bluff about having him arrested, but whether he stays or goes, she says, "We are not married anymore."

Walt heads to Beneke to confront Ted, who refuses to see him. "You don't want to be a man about it?" Walt shouts. As Skyler and her co-workers watch, Walt hurls a huge potted plant at a window into Ted's office. It bounces off harmlessly. Three warehouse men arrive and toss Walt out the front door. Seconds later, Mike drives up and whisks him away.

"Consider this an intervention," Saul tells Walt back at the law office. "Did you bug my house?" Walt asks, wondering how Saul knew where to find him. Saul admits he did, and Walt tackles him. "You're fired!" Walt screams. "I'm unplugging the website, so no more money laundering!" Saul screams back.

Mike removes the bugs from Walt's house. "You know, Walter," he says, "sometimes it doesn't hurt to have someone watching your back." As Mike drives away, his tires roll over a chalk drawing of a scythe (a long curved blade often symbolic of death).

At school, Carmen calls a distracted Walt into her office to discuss his erratic behavior in class. Walt awkwardly tries to kiss her. Carmen backs away from him, alarmed at his strange behavior.

A somber Marie drops Hank at the airport. "El Paso's like the Super Bowl," Hank explains. "What about last time?" she replies.

After Marie drives off, Hank receives a call from the Albuquerque sheriff: The blue meth has reappeared. Hank hails a cab back to town, abandoning his El Paso assignment.

Back at school, Carmen has placed Walt on indefinite leave. In the parking lot, he comes across Jesse, who shows off the blue meth he cooked. "This is my product," Walt snarls, nitpicking about flaws in Jesse's process. Refusing a request to set up a meeting with Gus, Walt tells Jesse, "My guy is a pro, and he doesn't deal with junkies."

Over at Beneke, a co-worker ignores Skyler's efforts at small talk. Later that day, Skyler and Ted have sex at his house. Afterward, Ted asks Skyler what went wrong with her marriage. "I don't feel really comfortable talking about it," Skyler says.

In an interrogation room, Hank and Gomez attempt to coax information out of a tweaker about the blue meth's source: The guy's name began with an "M," the meth-head recalls. Hank wants to pursue this possible Heisenberg lead, but Gomez thinks it's inconsequential. Hank should just report to El Paso. "I'm gettin' tired of all the second guessing," Hank replies tersely.

Jesse visits Saul and displays his bag of crystal. "You know the guy who knows the guy, right?" Jesse asks.

Mike meets Gus in a parking lot and reports that Walt is physically fine but mentally "a disaster," and unlikely to return voluntarily to meth cooking. Describing the scythe drawing, Mike asks, "Why not just tell him you're the only thing that stands between him and an axe in the head?" "I don't believe fear to be an effective motivator," Gus responds.

Mike relays Saul's request for a meeting with Jesse. Gus reiterates his policy against dealing with junkies, but reconsiders upon learning that Walt and Jesse aren't getting along. "Do the deal," he says.

While following up the tweaker's tip, Hank listens to an urgent voicemail message from ASAC Merkert. "I've got Texas breathing down my neck," says his boss.

At the gas station, Hank catches the cashier girl in a lie. Sobbing, she admits that a guy with an RV paid her with meth, which she passed along to a friend named Matt.

The gas station's security camera doesn't work, but Hank notices an ATM whose camera points at the gas pumps. "Bingo," he says.

Over an awkward breakfast with his parents, Walter, Jr. reports that website donations have ceased. Walter, Jr. suggests that since Walt is on leave, his dad can watch Holly so that Skyler doesn't have to bring the baby to work. "We'll see," Skyler says.

At an isolated underpass, Jesse delivers the meth to Victor (Gus' henchman), but complains when he only receives half the payment. "It's your half," says Victor.

Hank meets with ASAC Merkert at the DEA. "Are you going to El Paso now? Tonight?" the ASAC asks. "No," Hank replies, then covers, "But that's only because I'm really close to something big here." "Better get to it then," the ASAC says.

Walt, driving his car, listens to a radio report that Jane's father, Donald, has attempted suicide. A car pulls alongside Walt at a red light. Its driver, Victor, tosses a paper bag stuffed with money into Walt's car. "Your half," he says before speeding away. Walt ponders the cash until the light turns green. He drives off.