Season 3, Episode 3


Walt ignores Skyler's demands, furthering the rift between them and pushing her to break bad. Still suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, Hank crosses a line at work.

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Full Recap

At a seedy Mexican cantina, we find Hank's DEA informant, the late Tortuga, holding court. (Since he's dead now, it seems we must be back in time.) Tortuga receives a birthday present — a large tortoise — from "El Jefe," his boss. "It's perfect!" says Tortuga, delighted until the boss writes "HOLA DEA" on the reptile's back. The Cousins step out of a back room. One holds Tortuga down as the other cuts off his head with a machete.

Mike, watching Walt from outside his house after the Cousins' clandestine visit, phones to report that Walt is still alive. "I'm assuming Saul Goodman doesn't need to know," he says.

Skyler arrives home to find Walt. "It's my house too, Skyler, and I'm staying," Walt tells her. Skyler threatens to call the police to remove him. "This family is everything to me," Walt says. "Without it, I have nothing to lose." Skyler asks the dispatcher to send officers immediately. Walt calmly grades papers.

Returning home, Walter, Jr. is elated to see his father. The two are catching up when the doorbell rings. "You called the cops on Dad?" Walter, Jr. asks Skyler. Walt is trespassing, she tells one of the officers. He replies that because her husband hasn't behaved violently and the couple isn't legally separated or divorced, Walt has the right to remain.

"I haven't been the most attentive husband lately," Walt confesses while feeding Holly a bottle. The officer indicates that Skyler needs to "help me out" if she wants Walt removed. "Is it possible maybe he's broken any laws?" he asks. Skyler doesn't respond. "It's my mom's fault," Walter, Jr. tells the other officer. "My dad, he is a great guy."

The officers leave. "Don't blame your mother for this," Walt tells his son. "Welcome home," Skyler says, as she takes Holly from Walt's arms.

Saul pays Jesse a visit. "If you get the maestro cooking again," Saul proposes, "I'll make it worth your while." After Saul departs, Jesse dials Jane's cell number and listens to her outgoing voicemail message.

Hank, out with Gomez, informs his partner that "El Paso wants me back."

The Cousins escort Tio to a meeting with Gus and Juan Bolsa — the man Tortuga called "El Jefe." Bolsa introduces Tio as Don Salamanca and the two men as Tuco's cousins. Bolsa says that Walt betrayed Tuco, and that "Blood must be repaid by blood." Gus requests that they postpone vengeance until his business with Walt is concluded. Tio rings his bell furiously in response.

Privately, Bolsa warns Gus to finish the business with Walt quickly, "Or you risk losing the good graces of the cartel." As for the Cousins, Bolsa can't guarantee they'll delay exacting revenge.

Walt, sleeping on the floor of Holly's bedroom, wakes up when he hears his daughter crying in Skyler's room. Walt asks if he can help, but Skyler doesn't respond. When he asks to use her bathroom, she remains silent. Frustrated, he urinates in the kitchen sink.

Skyler updates her lawyer about Walt's return home. "Give me all the facts," the lawyer encourages, reminding Skyler that attorney-client privilege ensures the confidentiality of anything she discloses. "My husband makes meth," says Skyler.

"Sue your husband for divorce immediately," the lawyer advises. "Let me go to the police," she continues. "This is a no-brainer." Skyler hesitates. "I don't want my son to find out that his father is a criminal," she says, adding that Walt has terminal lung cancer. "I can't see why I should lay all this on my family when things may resolve themselves on their own."

At a dive bar, Hank tells Gomez that errands and packing are delaying his return to El Paso. "Come on, man," Gomez says. "I'd be dying to get back in the action." Hank suffers an anxiety attack in the bathroom, then leaves to stash his gun in his SUV. Returning to the bar, he picks a fight with two "dirtballs," repeatedly bashing one man's head against the floor before finally identifying himself as DEA.

That night, a forlorn Jesse repeatedly calls Jane's voicemail until he hears a new message: The number is no longer in service. The next morning in the desert, inside the RV, Jesse prepares to start cooking meth.

At home, Walt leaves a duffel bag of cash in full view. "Can we talk?" he asks Skyler when she discovers it.

At the DEA, Gomez tells Hank the ASAC wants to see him. As far as their boss knows, the suspects attacked Hank while Gomez was outside, calling for backup. Gomez tells Hank that he didn't mention in his report "that you left your gun under the seat before you went back inside."

Back at home, Walt tells Skyler that his money will put the kids through college and cover the mortgage and other expenses after he's gone. "All of the sacrifices that I have made for this family," he says, "will be for nothing if you don't accept what I've earned."

Later at Beneke, Skyler touches Ted's shoulder. They kiss. "Are your kids home?" she asks.

When Skyler returns home that evening, Walter, Jr. and Louis are watching TV while Walt cooks dinner. "I feel good about our talk this morning," Walt tells Skyler. He's eager to hear how she feels, he continues. "Honesty is good. Don't you think?"

"I f–––ed Ted," Skyler tells him, then calls the boys to dinner.