"The Pilot Episode," by Daniel Danger

"Hector Salamanca," by Tom Whalen

"Gus," by Anthony Petrie

"Wayfarer 515," by Justin Santora

"Saul Goodman," by Chris DeLorenzo

"Los Pollos Hermanos," by Jessica Deahl

"The Mexican Shootout," by Rich Kelly

"Lily of the Valley," by Phantom City Creative

"Emilio's Death," by Dave Perillo

"Heisenberg," by Todd Slater

"Jesse Pinkman," by Rhys Cooper

"White Residence," by Mark Englert

"Jane's Death," by Frank Kozik

"The Cousins," by Jeff Boyes

"Yeah Magnets," by Jermaine Rogers

"The Final Poster," by Ken Taylor

Photos of artwork from Sony Pictures’ Breaking Bad Fan Art Campaign leading up to Season 5
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