You've seen the episodes. But what goes into making them? We can't tell you all the answers but these behind-the-scenes photos for Season 3 at least give an idea of what happens between takes. Who tucks Bryan Cranston into bed at night? Are The Cousins as menacing in real life as they are on camera? What does Wendy the meth whore do on her time off? The answers to these questions and more are contained in this virtual backstage pass.
Photo by Episode 1: Bryan Cranston (Walter White, Director) and Michael Slovis (Director of Photography)

Episode 3: Luis Moncada and Daniel Moncada (The Cousins)

Episode 9: Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring)

Episode 10: Michael Slovis (Director of Photography) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

Episode 11: Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

Episode 12: Julia Minesci (Wendy)

Episode 12: Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

Episode 13: Vince Gilligan (Creator, Executive Producer Director) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Vince Gilligan (Creator, Executive Producer, Director) and Jonathan Banks (Mike)

A look behind the scenes at the Season 3 production.
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