Season 4, Episode 10


Walt's family worries when he doesn't turn up for Walter, Jr.'s 16th birthday.  Jesse is forced to put his lab skills to the test without Mr. White's help.

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Full Recap

In the desert, Jesse, Mike, and Gus -- who carries a sizable wooden gift box -- board a single-engine plane bound for Mexico. Jesse's anxiety during the flight is palpable. "You can do this," Gus reassures him.

At the White home, it's Walter, Jr.'s sixteenth birthday. Unable to reach Walt, Skyler gives up and surprises Junior on her own with a sensible used car parked in the driveway. Though underwhelmed, Walter, Jr. politely thanks her, which quietly devastates Skyler.

In his office, Saul mumbles to himself, "This is a bad idea," before Ted enters. Saul then informs Ted that his long-lost "Great Aunt Birgit" from Luxembourg has left him $621,552.33 -- almost precisely the amount of his debt to the I.R.S.

In Mexico, Jesse, Mike, and Gus sit blindfolded as Gaff and a leather-jacketed thug drive them to the Cartel's superlab. The lead chemist there takes an instant dislike to Jesse, labeling him an amateur in Spanish when it becomes apparent that Jesse can't synthesize phenylacetic acid, a basic ingredient.

Jesse senses that he's being disrespected and takes charge, telling Gus to "tell this asshole" if he wants to make a superior product, he has to do it Jesse's way. After the chemist responds in English, Jesse calls the lab filthy and, channeling Walt, announces that no cook will take place until all contaminants are eliminated. "Stop whining like a little bitch and do what I say," orders Jesse. They don't like it, but they obey.

Walter, Jr. drives to Walt's condo and rings the doorbell. Though inside, Walt doesn't respond until Walter, Jr. leaves a phone message threatening to call 9-1-1. Groggy from pain pills, his face still battered, Walt opens the door in his underwear and lets Walter, Jr. in. After lying to his son by attributing his wounds to a fight that came out of his gambling addiction, Walt breaks down in tears and confesses, "It's all my fault." Walter, Jr. comforts Walt and takes him back to bed. As Walt drifts back into sleep, he mistakenly calls Walt Jr. "Jesse."

At the Cartel superlab, workers observe as Jesse begins the cook, which lasts through the night. The next day, the lead chemist analyzes the finished product in the gas chromatograph. After a tense few moments, the batch tests 96.2 percent pure and Jesse shouts in relief. "First of many," congratulates Gaff. Jesse asks what he means. "You're staying," says Gaff. "You belong to the Cartel now." That's news to Jesse -- not good news, either.

Saul visits the car wash and shows Skyler a credit report indicating that Ted leased a Mercedes three hours after receiving Walt's money. He won't be able to pay the income tax bill in full -- and clearly wasn't going to do so anyway.

Walt wakes up late and sees that Walter, Jr. spent the night on the sofa. Apologizing for his behavior, Walt says that after he's dead, he doesn't want Walter, Jr. to remember him as he was the night before.

Walt describes his own father's death, when Walt was six years old. His only real memory of him is at the hospital: the stench of chemicals, his father lying twisted in the bed, and the rattling sound of his breathing, "like there was nothing in him." Remembering Walt the way he was last night wouldn't be that bad, Walter, Jr. counters. Unlike the past year, at least last night Walt was "real." It's a very mature moment for his son, who's growing up fast.

At Beneke Fabricators, Ted tells Skyler that he's received a "very unexpected cash infusion" and is reopening the business. Skyler argues that he should use the money to pay his tax bill. When Ted responds that his inheritance is his to spend as he pleases, Skyler can't stand it, and lets him know she supplied the cash to keep the I.R.S. at bay.

Back in Mexico at Don Eladio's hacienda, Gus stands poolside on the exact spot where his partner Max was murdered years earlier. Calmly, Gus opens a small case and swallows some pills. Jesse complains to Mike about being abandoned in Mexico. Either they're all going home, or none of them are, Mike replies.

Don Eladio appears with several capos, Gaff, and the lead chemist. "I'm so happy you finally came to your senses," says Don Eladio to Gus, referring to the Cartel's ultimatum. After a tense moment, Gus accepts Don Eladio's embrace. Gus introduces Don Eladio to Jesse -- his new employee. The lead chemist mocks Jesse's training, but Don Eladio laughs. He taunts back that Jesse cooks superior meth and doesn't care about his training.

Don Eladio spots the gift box Gus brought on the plane with him, which Gus offers "in honor of our renewed friendship." Delighted by the bottle of premium tequila inside, Don Eladio has a waiter pour shots for everyone except Gaff and Mike. He then takes Jesse's shot back after Gus says that Jesse is an addict and needs to stay sober to do his work. Poised for a toast, Don Eladio stops and warily eyes Gus. Gus drinks first, as a show of good faith. After he drinks his shot, everyone follows suit.

"Enough business," declares Don Eladio, calling for a group of bikini-clad women to join the party. Sometime later, Don Eladio spots Gus sitting by himself and tells him he's not angry with him. He chides Gus for needing Don Eladio to "spank" him every twenty years.

Suddenly, Gus asks to use the bathroom. Still wary of Gus, Don Eladio has a capo escort him there. Once in the bathroom, Gus neatly lays down a towel, kneels... and very calmly forces himself to vomit.

Outside, Don Eladio involuntarily drops his cigar and becomes unsteady on his feet. One capo tumbles out of his chair and another loses his balance. Don Eladio's eyes narrow as he realizes they've been poisoned. Gaff moves to assist Don Eladio, but Mike slips in from behind and garrotes Gaff.

Gus tidies up and leaves the bathroom, stepping over the corpse of his capo escort as he does. Outside, the stricken Don Eladio looks up and sees Gus, daggers in his eyes, before collapsing into the pool. "Find a gun!" Mike shouts at Jesse, who pulls one off a dead capo. Mike yanks Don Eladio's necklace off of his floating corpse.

Gus begins to falter -- vomiting hasn't entirely saved him from the poison -- and a crash echoes inside the house. As Mike and Jesse draw their guns, Gus musters the strength to shout that Don Eladio and his capos are dead. "Fill your pockets and leave in peace," Gus warns, "Or fight me and die."

Unsure that this will prevent a shootout, Mike and Jesse prop up Gus and proceed through the house as the waiters and women scurry away. In the driveway, Jesse finds a car with keys in it, and Mike eases Gus inside.

Seconds later, Mike is shot. Jesse wheels around and fires multiple rounds at Gaff's leather-jacketed thug, killing him. "Get us outta here, kid," Mike gasps. Jesse jumps into the driver's seat and floors it out of the compound.