Season 4, Episode 13

Face Off

Walt and Jesse team up to take on Gus. With Saul's help, Walt finds an unexpected ally.

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Full Recap

Walt feverishly races through the hospital parking structure, and defuses the bomb he had affixed to Gus's car. Carrying the bomb in a diaper bag, Walt visits Jesse outside the pediatric ICU and informs him "Gus is onto us." Walt says that Jesse needs to think of a place where Walt can surprise Gus. If Jesse can't, Walt warns, they're both dead.

Two Albuquerque Police Department detectives then approach Jesse and summon him to police headquarters to question him about his theory that Brock might have Ricin poisoning, which the boy's doctors think might actually be the case. Jesse says that he must have seen it on TV. "Sometimes your brain makes these connections," he explains. When the detectives press him further, Jesse stops talking and demands his attorney, Saul Goodman.

At the law office, Saul's secretary, Francesca, busy shredding documents, doesn't respond to Walt banging on the office door. He then shatters the glass door with a piece of cement and enters. Francesca, furious about the mess, refuses to provide Saul's whereabouts unless Walt pays her $25,000, well more than he has on him.

Walt reluctantly heads home to get the money but senses that the house is being watched, so he calls a kindly neighbor who has a key and asks her to make sure that Walter, Jr. didn't leave the stove on. Walt watches with binoculars as the woman enters the house. Moments later, two men exit via the backyard gate.

The coast clear, Walt sneaks into the house and grabs cash from the crawl space. While Walt is still underneath the house, the two men return. Walt hears them and slips out through a basement vent.

At police headquarters, Jesse stonewalls the detectives until Saul arrives. Privately, Saul tells Jesse that he'll have to remain in police custody pending a toxicology report on Brock, but that it might be just as well because someone tried to kill Walt in his own home.

Following their meeting, Walt rendezvouses with Saul, who relays information from Jesse about Gus's visits to Tio. Walt doesn't recognize their significance until Saul says that Gus gloated about Tio's family line ending and later told Jesse that Tio killed someone close to him. "They're enemies," Walt deduces.

Walt then visits Tio in the nursing home and convinces him to put aside his hatred for Walt to take revenge on Gus. The next morning, Tio summons his nurse and uses his wheelchair bell to ring out a puzzling message that she translates using a communication board: NEED DEA.

While Walt stakes out the nursing home, Walter, Jr. calls and asks him when he's coming to Hank's house. Marie also scolds Walt for not coming, but Skyler declines to pressure him. Meanwhile, Gomez drops by and tells Hank that Tio has come to the DEA office but will only talk to Hank.

At the DEA, surrounded by curious agents, Hank sits at a table with Tio, his nurse, Gomez, and ASAC Merkert. The nurse translates a message via Tio's bell. She reads out "SUCK MY," before Merkert cuts her off, and warns Tio. Merkert ends the entire proceedings after the second message heads in a similarly obscene direction.

Outside the DEA, Tyrus watches Tio being wheeled back into the nursing home's transport van and calls Gus to report Tio’s visit.

Walt is hiding in the bathroom when the nurse wheels Tio back into his room following their embarrassing trip to the DEA. "Any second thoughts?" asks Walt after the nurse leaves. Tio doesn't respond. Sometime later, Tyrus enters Tio's room to inspect it for explosives. While he does, Walt hides just outside Tio's window, and then sneaks away at his first opportunity.

The police release Jesse after Brock tests negative for Ricin poisoning. "Surprised, huh?" asks the detective. Outside the station, a man zaps Jesse with a taser and tosses him into a van.

Tyrus informs Gus by phone that Jesse has been picked up. Tyrus also reports that he found nothing suspicious in Tio's room. "It's just him, alone," says Tyrus, who offers to "do this" himself. "I do this," Gus replies.

Later that afternoon, Gus arrives at the nursing home. Tyrus checks out Tio's room one more time and calls Gus to give him the all clear. When Gus enters Tio's room, Tyrus wheels Tio to face Gus. "What kind of man talks to the DEA?" asks Gus as Tyrus fills a syringe. "A crippled little rata (rat)," says Gus. Tyrus hands Gus the syringe. "Last chance to look at me, Hector," says Gus.

Tio then looks directly at Gus with defiant eyes and rings his bell repeatedly. At first Gus doesn't understand why, then he sees Walt's bomb strapped to the wheelchair. Before he can act, the bomb detonates, blasting the door off Tio's room. Gus then very deliberately walks out of Tio's room, and straightens his tie. The camera then reveals that his face has been half blown away, before he collapses dead in the hallway.

In an Albuquerque airport long-term parking lot, Walt listens to a radio news report about the explosion. The details are sketchy, but "as many as three people may have been killed," says the radio announcer.

At the superlab, Jesse prepares the next cook while one of the thugs who kidnapped him sits holding him at gunpoint. After the lab's elevator buzzes, the thug makes Jesse handcuff himself to a chemical tank while he goes to investigate. The elevator door opens to reveal the thug's partner. Walt appears from behind him and shoots both men.

"Gus is dead," Walt tells Jesse. "We've got work to do." Walt and Jesse empty the superlab's chemical supplies onto the floor, and Walt leaves exposed a live electrical cord plugged into an outlet timer with both contacts bare. Upstairs, Jesse sets off a fire alarm. "Vamonos," Walt yells to the laundry workers. Moments later the superlab bursts into flames.

Later, atop the hospital garage, Jesse tells Walt that Brock will survive. "Thank God," says Walt, very relieved. The poison wasn't Ricin after all, says Jesse. Walt asks what it was. Something called lily of the valley that has berries kids sometimes find enticing and eat, explains Jesse. "So Gus didn't poison him after all," Jesse adds. "But still, he had to go, right?" "You're damn right," Walt replies.

After Jesse heads back to the ICU, Walt calls Skyler at Hank's house. Everyone there is watching a TV news report about the nursing home explosion. "It's over," Walt tells Skyler. "We're safe." Skyler asks what happened. "I won," says Walt.

Poolside at Walt's house, the camera slowly closes in on the plant glimpsed at the beginning of Episode 412 when Walt was spinning his revolver on the table. The identification tag reveals its name: lily of the valley.