Season 4, Episode 12

End Times

Hank pushes Gomez to pursue one last lead, while Walt struggles to protect the family. Jesse gets alarming news and rushes to meet with Mr. White.

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Full Recap

DEA agents arrive at the White home to escort the family into protective custody at the Schrader house per Marie's request. Walt tells Skyler that he's not coming because he's the real target, not Hank, and Walt doesn't want to endanger everyone else any further. Skyler begs Walt to reconsider, but he's adamant. Walt then calls Hank and jokes that he couldn't possibly be in danger. Luckily for Walt, Hank doesn't think he's at risk either.

After Skyler leaves, Walt sits by the pool and spins his revolver on the patio table. Twice it points at him, and then Walt takes in his surroundings.

At the Schrader house, Walter Jr. berates his mother for not convincing Walt to accept protection. Marie agrees that Walt should be with them and calls him but only gets his voicemail.

Skyler, Marie, and Walter Jr. listen as Hank suggests to Gomez that someone fabricated the death threat because Hank continued investigating Gus Fring on his own. Hank urges Gomez to pursue the industrial laundry, but Gomez argues that a judge would never approve a search warrant without stronger evidence. Hank taunts Gomez for not being clever enough to conduct an under the radar "knock and talk" to collect that evidence.

Chastened, Gomez visits the laundry with another agent and persuades the manager to allow a search of the premises without a warrant. Gomez snaps pictures while a dog sniffs for drugs.

Below in the superlab, Jesse puts the cook on hold while Gomez searches the laundry. Gus calls Jesse and blames the intrusion on Walt. Despite agreeing with Gus, Jesse insists that Walt not be killed.

Gomez and the agent find nothing amiss at the laundry and leave, and Jesse restarts the cook. Afterward, a laundry truck drops off Jesse at his car, which he now parks in the desert to avoid arousing DEA suspicion. Jesse calls Walt, who doesn't answer, then listens to increasingly frantic messages on his own voicemail from Saul, one of which urges Jesse to come to the law office, pronto.

When Jesse arrives he is aggressively patted down by Saul's bodyguard, Huell, until Saul interrupts. Saul declares, "They're here, the end times," and stuffs Jesse's meth money in a duffel bag for him. "I'm outta here," says Saul, at least until things cool down. Confused, Jesse asks what's going on and learns that Gus threatened to kill Walt and his family.

At home, Hank examines the photos Gomez took at the laundry and tells Skyler dispiritedly that it's "clean as a whistle." Or so Gomez says, adds Hank. Alone, Skyler anxiously calls Walt but gets no response.

At home, Jesse receives a call from Andrea and rushes to the hospital. Brock has been admitted for a flu-like ailment that's come on very suddenly. The nurse doesn't allow Jesse to enter the ER with Andrea, so he goes outside to smoke and notices that the ricin cigarette is missing from his pack. Fearing that Brock ingested the poison, Jesse urges Andrea to have the doctors check for it.

Jesse then heads over to Walt's house. Walt, in paranoia-mode, reluctantly lets him in and asks if he understands "the full scope of what's happening." Walt describes being hauled into the desert and threatened with a hood over his head and says that it's only a matter of time until Gus strikes.

Jesse picks up Walt's revolver, points it at him, and asks, "Why did you do it?" Walt says that he called the DEA to protect his family. Not that, says Jesse, accusing Walt of poisoning Brock with the ricin from Jesse's cigarette pack to get back at Jesse for helping Gus. "Admit what you did!" Jesse screams, knocking Walt to the floor.

Walt cowers, and then abruptly starts laughing. He's been waiting for Gus to send someone to kill him, he says, "And it's you." Walt reminds Jesse that Gus previously sanctioned a child's murder and accuses him of poisoning Brock so that Jesse will blame Walt and let Gus kill him. Not only that, he has manipulated Jesse into pulling the trigger.

Jesse contends that Gus had no idea about the ricin. He had cameras everywhere, Walt explains, and probably discovered their ricin scheme. "You don't think it's possible that Tyrus lifted the cigarette out of your locker?" asks Walt. Gus's plan to alienate him and Jesse is "brilliant," Walt concludes.

If Jesse thinks that Walt could really murder a child, continues Walt, placing the revolver barrel between his eyes, then he should "put a bullet in my head and kill me right now." Trembling, Jesse says that he will, but eventually relents and lowers the gun, vowing to kill Gus instead. Walt advises Jesse to get in his car and just drive away. When he refuses, Walt asks Jesse to let him help eliminate Gus.

Later at the hospital, Jesse wanders into the ICU and stares at Brock from afar until a nurse threatens to call security. The next morning in a hospital corridor, Tyrus wakes Jesse and orders him back to work. When Jesse stays put, Tyrus tries to drag him away, but Jesse screams that he's being attacked. Tyrus backs off and makes a call. "We've got a situation."

At his house, Walt makes and tests an explosive device to be activated via walkie-talkie.

Gus parks near the top of the hospital's multi-level garage and walks to the chapel with his bodyguard. Tyrus ushers Jesse from the ICU to meet with Gus, who says that he understands Jesse's preoccupation with Brock's condition but needs Jesse to complete the cook. Jesse refuses to leave and says that Brock was poisoned. Hearing this, Gus tells Jesse to remain at the hospital as long as he needs to.

Back in the garage with Tyrus and the bodyguard, Gus walks toward his car. Walt watches with binoculars from a nearby rooftop and picks up the walkie-talkie. Several spaces away from his car, Gus halts, walks toward an exterior railing, and looks to the surrounding buildings.

Walt ducks out of sight. "Come on," he urges, as Gus continues to stare. After a long pause, Gus strides away from his car, leaving it in the garage. Walt is beside himself with frustration.