Season 4, Episode 11

Crawl Space

Walt takes drastic action to protect his secret and Gus. Skyler's efforts to solve Ted's financial problems hit a wall.

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Full Recap

A doctor and emergency workers in Mexico hurriedly prep a state-of-the-art MASH unit concealed inside an old machine shop. When Jesse speeds up to the entrance with Gus and Mike, who are barely conscious, the doctor focuses all his efforts on Gus. Jesse shouts that Mike, who's bleeding badly, needs help too. The doctor replies that Gus is the man who pays his salary.

Back in Albuquerque, at the superlab, Walt asks Tyrus if there's any news from Mexico, and then threatens to quit if Jesse doesn't return. He also inquires if all traces of meth activity at the factory farm have been removed because Hank is insisting on a visit. Tyrus is silent.

Walt and Hank stake out the factory farm from Walt's Aztec. Hank mentions "rumblings" the DEA has heard about a Cartel turf war involving "lots of bodies." Noting the bruises on Walt's face, Hank offers himself as the guy to help out if Walt is in something over his head. Walt tersely responds that he's done explaining his actions.

Back in Mexico, Jesse discovers the medical facility is stocked with blood matching his, Gus's, and Mike's blood types, and that the doctor also knows every detail of Jesse's medical history. Gus "thought of everything," Jesse concedes.

Shaky but able to walk, Gus tells Jesse that they need to depart immediately. At Jesse's protests Gus assures Jesse he'll send for Mike when Mike is well enough to travel. As he thanks the doctor, Gus pulls Don Eladio's necklace from Mike's jacket.

Outside, Gus tells Jesse that they must walk six miles to the Mexican border, where someone will sneak them back into the United States. Gus congratulates Jesse for proving himself under pressure and points out that Jesse can now run the superlab by himself. Jesse urges Gus to pay off Walt or fire him but not to kill him. When Gus says that won't work, Jesse replies, "Then you got a problem."

At his home, Ted returns Skyler's money to her because paying off the IRS with Walt's gambling winnings "feels wrong" and in any case won't solve Ted's other money woes. Skyler accuses Ted of blackmailing her for more cash. Stung by the charge, Ted emphatically denies it but still refuses to pay the IRS. After leaving Ted's house, Skyler calls Saul.

Gus visits Tio at the nursing home again and names everyone who was killed at Don Eladio's hacienda. After dropping Don Eladio's necklace into Tio's pocket, Gus wheels Tio around to face Jesse and informs him that Jesse shot Tio's grandson, Joaquin. "Now the Salamanca name dies with you," says Gus. "Will you look at me now?" Tio refuses.

Driving to another stakeout, Walt panics when Hank says they're going to the industrial laundry. Hank is connecting the dots between Los Pollos Hermanos, its parent company, the laundry, and Gus and Gale. To keep Hank from discovering how correct he is, Walt deliberately crashes into oncoming traffic instead of making a U-turn.

At home in bed, wearing a neck brace and surrounded by family, Hank tells Walt that the other driver was easily visible but agrees with Marie that he shouldn't put Walt in harm's way again. Instead, Hank has ordered a "gimp-mobile" equipped with hand controls so he can drive himself around.

By phone, Saul informs Skyler that Ted doesn't own a gun or have a panic button on his alarm system. Skyler replies that she doesn't want anyone hurt, just for Ted to write the IRS a check.

Saul tells Skyler that he'll assign his "A-team" to deal with Ted and sends Kuby (who previously impersonated an environmental inspector in Episode 403 at Saul's behest) and Huell (his large, but inert bodyguard). The two visit Ted at home, order him to write the check, and tell him they'll be staying until it clears. After signing the check, Ted tries to make a run for it but ends up tripping on a throw rug and knocking himself out on a kitchen island.

Much to his chagrin, Walt is smuggled into the industrial laundry inside a basket of dirty clothes due to Hank's recent near visit. Down in the superlab, he observes that someone else has been cooking in the lab.

Walt visits Jesse at home. Still angry with Walt, Jesse pushes him away from his door where Brock and Andrea sit inside playing a video game. Walt accuses Jesse of cooking at the superlab and setting him up to be killed. He then begs for Jesse's help. Jesse reminds Walt that he refused to help with the Cartel cook and wished Jesse dead. After Jesse goes back inside, Tyrus appears and zaps Walt with a taser.

The next day, Walt regains consciousness in the desert with a hood over his head. He is forced to his knees. Gus rips off the hood and says, "You are done," informing Walt that he is not to appear at the laundry or speak to Jesse ever again. Walt taunts back that since he's still alive, Jesse has obviously remained loyal. "For now," says Gus, "but he'll come around." Hank, on the other hand "has become a problem," and since Walt hasn't resolved it, Gus will. If Walt interferes, Gus threatens to kill his wife, son, and infant daughter.

In Saul's office, Huell is describing the mishap with Ted when Walt storms in, saying that he needs to contact Saul's connection who can "disappear" the White family and give them new identities. It'll cost at least half a million dollars, says Saul, and everyone must be packed and ready before Walt makes the call.

Walt asks Saul to inform the DEA that Gus has a hit out on Hank. "My brother-in-law doesn't deserve to die because of this," pleads Walt. Saul reluctantly agrees to alert the DEA about the hit but refuses to finger Gus. Walt tells Saul to make the call in an hour.

Walt rushes home, and heads straight to the crawl space, where he discovers that most of his money is missing. Skyler arrives while he's desperately scrambling around looking for it. Walt repeatedly asks where the missing money is. "I gave it to Ted," she finally admits, "for us, for the family."

Skyler begs Walt to let her explain, but he lets out a roar that gives way to uncontrollable laughter. He's still cackling when Marie calls and starts to leave a hysterical phone message about a tip the DEA received about a new impending Cartel hit on Hank. Skyler picks up the phone and asks Marie for details.

Walt's unsettling laughter continues, as he lies alone in the crawl space.