Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman is Walt and Jesse's attorney. "You don't want a criminal lawyer... you want a criminal lawyer," Jesse explains to Walt early in their partnership. Such is Saul, who operates out of a strip mall office and runs late night TV ads advising potential clients they'd "Better Call Saul" when in trouble with the law. The kind of guy who "knows a guy who knows a guy," Saul finds Walt and Jesse a drug distributor, arranges for Walt to launder drug money through Walter, Jr.'s website (, and dispatches a Cleaner to Jesse's apartment to attend to Jesse and dispose of any incriminating evidence after his girlfriend Jane overdoses. Ever the opportunist, Saul works for both Walt and Jesse after the two part ways. He and Walt scuffle after Walt discovers that Saul had the White house bugged, and for awhile Saul only assists Jesse. He abandons Jesse when Walt decides to strike a deal with Gus. "That's the way of the world, kid," Saul tells Jesse. "Go with the winner." Much to Saul's chagrin, Walt's wife Skyler soon becomes more involved in Walt's business and spars with Saul over strategy. Later, he helps her funnel money to Ted Beneke to pay off an IRS debt, sending his bodyguard Huell and his operative Kuby to Ted's house to ensure the money goes where it's intended. Fearing for his life, Ted attempts to flee -- and gravely injures himself in the process. When Gus threatens the White family, Saul offers to put Walt in touch with a "disappearer," who will set the White family up with new identities… for half a million dollars. Saul also agrees to tip off the DEA about a plot to kill Hank in an effort to shore up Hank’s safety. Meanwhile, Saul convinces Jesse to visit his office. As Huell frisks Jesse, Saul hands over a duffel of cash. During the frisk, Saul has Huell lift Jesse’s ricin cigarette for Walt. When Saul finds out he unwittingly participated in Brock’s poisoning, he tries to end his partnership with Walt. “We’re done when I say we’re done,” Walt threatens. After Gus’ death, Saul helps Walt, Mike, and Jesse find a venue for a new meth lab, hooking them up with Vamonos Pest so that Walt and Jesse can cook inside the tented houses that Vamonos fumigates. Saul becomes exasperated when he learns that Mike has been funneling money to his granddaughter using another lawyer, who is subsequently arrested. “Always consult me before you go to outside council!” he lectures Walt and Jesse. Visit »

Played by Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk has won two Emmy Awards for comedy writing on Saturday Night Live and The Ben Stiller Show. He co-created and starred in Mr. Show with Bob and David, which ran on HBO for four years and has been called “the American Monty Python.” Odenkirk has directed three feature films, including Melvin Goes to Dinner, Let’s Go to Prison and The Brothers Solomon. He is currently writing and executive producing a new sketch show with the young comedy group The Birthday Boys, which will premiere on IFC in fall 2013. Odenkirk has had many other memorable roles in films and TV shows, including agent Stevie Grant in The Larry Sanders Show, ex-porn star Gil Bang in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Artillery Arthur in How I Met Your Mother. He can next be seen in two upcoming features: Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, opposite Bruce Dern and Will Forte, which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Read an interview with Bob Odenkirk for Season 2 » Read an interview with Bob Odenkirk for Season 3 » Read an interview with Bob Odenkirk for Season 4 » Read an interview with Bob Odenkirk for Season 5 » Read an interview with Bob Odenkirk for the Final Episodes »

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