Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman is Walt's former student and partner in the meth business. He was never the brightest student, but has grown to be a skilled meth cook in his own right under Walt’s guidance. Jesse initially handled the "street" part of the operation, though his blunders often required Walt's intervention. When Walt briefly retires from the meth business, Jesse angers him by cooking solo in their RV. Walt undermines Jesse’s operation by striking a deal with Gus, a high-level distributor. Relations between the partners deteriorate further after Walt and Jesse trick Hank into leaving the junkyard where he tracked the RV to -- especially when Hank comes after Jesse later and nearly beats him to a pulp. Walt eventually mollifies Jesse by offering him a job in Gus’ superlab. Jesse is unaware that Walt stood by and did nothing while Jesse’s girlfriend Jane died, a death for which he blames himself. Relapsing addict Jane had been blackmailing Walt, who was witholding Jesse’s half of the profits because he didn’t approve of Jesse and Jane’s drug use. After Walt delivered Jesse’s money, the couple promised they’d get clean and start a new life somewhere else -- but first, they’d spend one final night using up the rest of their stash. Jane overdosed as Jesse was sleeping, and visiting Walt looked on. When Jesse learns Gus’ dealers are responsible for the deaths of his friend Combo and his girlfriend’s brother, he tries to take revenge. Walt kills the dealers to protect Jesse, and later asks him to kill Walt’s former lab assistant, Gale, so that Walt will remain Gus’ sole cook. It’s the only way to stop Gus from killing both Jesse and Walt. To numb his guilt over murdering Gale, Jesse begins using drugs again. Gus attempts to rehabilitate Jesse -- and undercut his loyalty Walt -- by elevating him in the meth operation. Gus brings Jesse to Mexico so that he could teach Walt's formula to Cartel chemists in order to quell a war. After successfully cooking a batch, Jesse assists Gus and Mike in assassinating Cartel kingpin Don Eladio and his capos. When his new girlfriend’s son Brock is hospitalized with signs of ricin poisoning, Jesse comes after Walt in a fury. Walt falsely accuses Gus of poisoning Brock, since Gus’ associates have a history of hurting children. Jesse believes him, and provides information that enables Walt to ambush and kill Gus. Jesse becomes an emotional wreck when he can’t find the missing ricin cigarette -- even after it’s revealed that Brock was poisoned with Lily of the Valley. While pretending to help search for it, Walt plants a fake ricin cigarette in Jesse’s house. Jesse finds it and breaks down, apologizing for suspecting Walt of poisoning Brock. Walt and Jesse restart the meth operation, convincing Mike to be their third partner. Jesse acts as a buffer between Walt and Mike, who rarely see eye to eye. Together, Walt and Jesse build an ingenious mobile laboratory, and Jesse is able to maintain a stable, sober life with Andrea and Brock. That is, until controlling Walt convinces him to break up with Andrea, in order to protect her from a life of lies. When the train robbery results in the death of an innocent child, Jesse decides to pull out of the meth business permanently. Mike convinces a local distributor to buy out their shares of the stolen methylamine, and -- after some compromises on Walt’s behalf -- Jesse is free to leave the business. His decision to leave angers Walt, and the two part on bad terms. Jesse asks Walt for his cut of the methylamine buyout, but Walt refuses to give it to him. He claims that Jesse shouldn’t accept dirty blood money. When Walt decides to pull out of the business himself several months later, he pays Jesse a visit and gives him his share of the cash. View Jesse's mySHOUT page »

Played by Aaron Paul

If you don’t already, within the next year you will know Aaron Paul’s name. Many already recognize him as meth-kingpin-apprentice-seeking-moral-redemption Jesse Pinkman, as he continues to slay audiences by seamlessly oscillating from his famous “YO, bitch!” catchphrase to his tearjerker waterworks moments. Already twice a Primetime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Paul is set to become a part of Hollywood’s next generation of movie stars. What has perhaps been the most telling aspect of Paul’s career has been his inherent ability as an actor to become a storytelling chameleon. A native of Idaho, he’s remained true to his humble roots, choosing roles he’s deeply invested in bringing to life. Fans who followed him in his early career were awed at his chilling turn with Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter and Garret Dillahunt in producer Wes Craven’s psychological remake The Last House on the Left after his quiet performance in HBO’s well-received series Big Love, where he convinced Amanda Seyfried’s character to leave behind her polygamous family for their loving, monogamous relationship. Still others may have noticed him in 2012’s Smashed< with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Sundance, the film about the disintegration of a couple’s relationship based on their mutual love of alcohol had Peter Travers of Rolling Stone calling Paul “dynamite,” cementing his status even further as a stellar actor on the rise. Audiences will have even more Aaron Paul to look forward to with the addition of two upcoming releases: the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel A Long Way Down -- opposite Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette -- about a group of friends who make a pact to kill themselves on New Year’s Eve and Decoding Annie Parker -- alongside Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton and Richard Schiff -- in which Paul joins breast cancer patient Annie Parker (Morton), who, despite the beliefs of the medical establishment, stops at nothing to solve the mystery behind her illness. While his roles have run the gamut --from feature to television to the Korn “Thoughtless” music video for which people still remember him -- what hasn’t changed has been his emotionally gut-wrenching performances. Soon, however, audiences will see another side of Paul when he stars in DreamWorks’ and Steven Spielberg’s thrilling joy ride Need for Speed. Currently shooting across the country, he is joined by Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots and Michael Keaton in this live-action imagining of the popular Electronic Arts video game. Paul currently resides in Los Angeles. When not working, he can often be found enjoying concerts, relaxing with a glass of Bushmills or entertaining readers on Twitter. Read Part 1 of an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 1 » Read Part 2 of an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 1 » Read Part 1 of an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 2 » Read Part 2 of an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 2 » Read an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 3 » Read an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 4 » Read an interview with Aaron Paul for Season 5 » Read an interview with Aaron Paul for the Final Episodes »

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