• Leonel and Marco, two cartel killers known as the Cousins, travel from Mexico to avenge the death of their relative, Tuco Salamanca. "Family is all," their Tio told them as boys. Now aging and ailing, Tio directs them to eliminate Walt for his part in Tuco's demise.

    Wearing their trademark suits and cowboy boots tipped with silver skulls, the Cousins stride into Walt's house, a huge silver axe at the ready. Before they can attack him, they receive a one-word text message, "POLLOS," and abruptly withdraw.

    The Cousins' cartel boss, Juan Bolsa, comes north for a meeting with Gus Fring. "Blood must be repaid by blood," Bolsa tells Gus, who requests that they postpone vengeance until his business with Walt is concluded. The Cousins silently seethe.

    For several days, the Cousins sit brooding in Gus's restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos. When it's clear they will wait no longer, Gus arranges a meeting with them. He identifies Hank as Tuco's actual killer and grants an exception to the cartel prohibition against targeting DEA agents.

    Hank receives a mysterious warning one minute before the Cousins ambush him. In the ensuing skirmish, Hank shoots Marco dead and gravely injures Leonel.

    Leonel is recuperating in the hospital following a double amputation of his legs when Walt stops by to get a look at Hank's would-be assassin. Recognizing his target, the Cousin throws himself out of bed and drags himself across the floor toward Heisenberg.

    Later, after being subdued, Leonel flatlines. As hospital workers try in vain to resuscitate him, Gus's fixer Mike discards a syringe and slips away.

  • Luis Moncada

    Luis Moncada was born in Honduras and moved to the Los Angeles area with his mother and two brothers in hopes of a better life with more opportunities. However, raised in a neighborhood entrenched with gangs Luis soon found himself involved with the wrong crowd. But a part of him always knew that he wanted more than what the gang life had to offer. While working security on a movie set he was offered a small role. That small role soon turned into a career with the help and support of his agent Nancy Chaidez. Growing up he never imagined himself being an actor, but he is extremely thankful for the opportunities and has embraced his career to the fullest.

    Luis first found himself in the movie Collateral directed by Michael Mann working with Tom Cruise and Jaime Foxx. Since then Luis has appeared in several films including but not limited to; Fast & Furious alongside Vin Diesel, Days of Wrath, Vengeance and Latin Dragon.

    After having worked amazing roles on shows like In Plain Sight, The Cleaner, Castle, The Closer, Dark Blue , ER, Leverage and numerous others, Luis got the chance to recur on 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.

    Having tattoos covering most of his body including his eyelids might make him some one you would be wary of. But time after time, the cast and crew fall in love with his alluring personality and infectious smile.

    Daniel Moncada

    Daniel "Danny" Moncada was born in Honduras and came to the Los Angeles area with his mother and two brothers. Though never officially in a gang, he still found himself enmeshed in the lifestyle alongside his older brother Luis. But soon, Danny was inspired by his brother to leave the gang lifestyle. He started working security on the movie sets.

    Danny's big break came from the opportunity to audition for "The Cousins" role on Breaking Bad. His brother Luis had first auditioned for the role. The Casting Director told Luis they loved him but they were looking for real cousins or brothers for the parts. Luis said no problem, "I have a brother."

    He came home and told Danny to shave his head, gave him a script and told him to memorize the lines. The two went back for the audition, and the rest is history.

    Danny is immensely grateful for the opportunity Breaking Bad afforded him. He is now represented by the Nancy Chaidez Agency and actively auditioning for other roles.

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