Michelle MacLaren – Executive Producer/Director

  • Michelle MacLaren began her career in production in Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Los Angeles to become a producer. She has produced 11 made-for-television movies and became an executive producer when she co-wrote -- and her company produced -- the CBS movie A Song from the Heart. In addition to Breaking Bad, MacLaren has been an executive producer and co-executive producer on such television series as Harsh Realm, The X-Files and the Night Stalker pilot.

    MacLaren began directing on The X-Files, and has directed shows for NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, TNT and Starz, as well as multiple episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

    Over the years, MacLaren’s various producing projects have received a Christopher Award, a Critics’ Choice award, an Edi Award, two Television Critics Association Awards, two Producers Guild Award nominations and a Humanitas nomination. She has received several Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Breaking Bad, including two nominations for Outstanding Drama Series and one for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series in 2010 for the Season 3 episode "One Minute."