• After Hank’s pursuit of Heisenberg leads him to brutally attack Jesse, ASAC Merkert suspends Hank and confiscates his weapon. Soon after, Hank is defenseless when two Cartel hitmen come after him in a parking lot. Hank survives the ambush, but his legs are partially paralyzed.

    During his convalescence, Hank assists a police friend with the investigation of Gale Boetticher’s murder. Hank quickly connects the dots between Gale and Gus Fring, but the DEA is skeptical. Because Hank can't drive, he asks Walt to chauffeur him to Gus' restaurant, factory farm, and industrial laundry. To prevent Hank from getting too close to Gus’ operation, Walt deliberately causes a car accident -- which again hospitalizes Hank.

    After Gus makes a threat against Hank, Walt has his lawyer Saul Goodman tip off the DEA. Hank, Marie, and Walt's family are placed in protective custody at the Schrader home. A day later, unaware of Walt's involvement, Hank watches a television news report about the drug-related bomb blast that killed Gus Fring.

    ASAC Merkert is fired for mishandling the Gus Fring investigation, allowing Hank to be promoted. Against his new boss’ wishes, Hank continues to investigate Gus’ meth empire. Hank tries to extract information from Gus’ nine imprisoned men, but Walt has them killed before they can talk. Mike, too, escapes Hank’s grasp when Walt learns that the DEA is closing in and calls to warn him. With no further leads to follow in the Heisenberg case, Hank is devastated.

    A month later, Hank and Marie visit the White house for a barbeque. While using the bathroom, Hank finds a copy of Leaves of Grass that Gale Boetticher had given to Walt. As he reads an inscription dedicated to “W.W.,” Hank remembers the initials inscribed in Boetticher’s lab notebook. Could Walt be the infamous Heisenberg?

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  • Dean Norris will next star in the Stephen King and Steven Spielberg CBS series, Under the Dome. The series follows a town in post-apocalyptic conditions that ensue when a strange dome encapsulates the town. Under the Dome premiered Jun. 24, 2013.

    In the fall, Norris will be seen in Ridley Scott’s The Counselor alongside Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender.

    Throughout his career, he has guest-starred on some of the most successful television series to date, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, The West Wing, NCIS and 24.

    On the big screen, Norris has been seen in over 25 films including Little Miss Sunshine and Evan Almighty.

    A native of South Bend, IN, he is a graduate of Harvard University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

    Norris currently resides with his family outside of Los Angeles.

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Hank Schrader Quotes

We’re not here for the chicken.

EP 408 "Hermanos"

As you’re walking past the car, you look down, ‘Oh, hey, darn, my shoe’s untied.’ Okay? Now, when you bend down to tie your shoe, you stick this up into the wheel well.

EP 408 "Hermanos"

Chicken-slinging son of a bitch. A guy this clean’s got to be dirty.

EP 409 "Bug"

You lose your hair, you go on all of a couple of stake-outs? All of a sudden, what, you’re Kojak?

EP 411 "Crawl Space"

I broke down. I ordered me a gimp mobile.

EP 411 "Crawl Space"

Timing seem a bit odd to you? I start looking into Fring, and all of a sudden I’m on lockdown for my own protection.

EP 412 "End Times"

What happened to good old-fashioned knock-and-talk. Oh, that’s right. I forgot. You were never very good at those, were you?

EP 412 "End Times"

There’s no rock show, okay? I just said that so Marie wouldn’t freak.

EP 408 "Hermanos"

I said Cheetos. Ch-ch-ch sound. Virtually impossible to confuse Cheetos with Fritos.

EP 403 "Open House"

Are you seriously doing this to me again?

EP 403 "Open House"