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Building the Vast World of Better Call Saul

As the stories within Better Call Saul grow, so do the characters we meet and the worlds in which they live. In Season 5 alone, we’ve been to Nacho‘s home, Gus‘s quiet village in Mexico, the middle of the desert, Lalo‘s compound, and we even traveled back in time to a young Kim’s school.

To bring these worlds to life the crew must scout locations, build sets and design them all to make you feel as though that really is where Lalo lives with his family when he’s not being called to Albuquerque to run the Salamanca drug business. In fact, Lalo’s hacienda in the show is someone’s real home, we learn in the all-new Insider Podcast. The 14ft fence, on the other hand, wasn’t.

“That wall outside Lalo’s hacienda is practical, they built this damn wall, it’s insane, and I think it was 14ft wall, 3ft thick, barb wire on the top. It was a temporary structure built at the studio and transported out there,” Peter Gould explains.

They built the kitchen too because as Peter Gould was told, “if you really want to shoot this place up you’re going to have to build it.”

Hear what else the cast and creators have to say about creating the vast world of Better Call Saul in Season 5. Plus, stream the entire Season 5 Finale now on and AMC apps for mobile and devices.


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