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Hot Headed or Cool and Collected? Kim Wexler on Civility

As a lawyer, you may wonder how to balance calm and collected with fire and brimstone when you’re in the courtroom, or even going through the day-to-day of your legal profession. Will they believe me more if I raise my voice? Will they worry what I really have in my back pocket if I act cool-headed, like they have nothing on me?

These are the ins and outs that Kim Wexler will be taking you through in the new latest installment of her online ethics training course:

Regardless of the example you look at — take cross-examining a witness you know is lying, for instance — Kim finds that practicing a less-is-more demeanor is always the best strategy.

Hear her break down the role of civility when it comes to practicing law in the latest installment of her ethics training course. Don’t miss next week’s installment on practicing self care. New installments of Kim’s Ethics Training become available on and AMC apps for mobile and devices every Monday at 10/9c.

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