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Meet Saul Goodman For the First Time (Again) — Watch the Season 5 Premiere for Free

We all knew this day would come — the day when Jimmy McGill officially steps into the shoes of Saul Goodman — but no one could have predicted just how fast he’d slip into his new skin. Or just how much it’d get under the skin of those around him.

If taking on a new name wasn’t enough, Jimmy is also taking on a new strategy when it comes to practicing law as Saul. And as you might’ve predicted, it dances all over the thin line between ethical and unethical. (Of course, Kim probably has her own thoughts on the issue.)

While Jimmy settles into his new persona, Lalo has not forgotten about the gringo, Michael, who he is certain will lead him to what Gus Fring is up to. And while Lalo does get some much-desired answers, he also ends up finding an issue within his own operation.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the Season 5 Premiere for free right now on and the AMC apps.

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