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Collider‘s Giancarlo Esposito Chat; Awards Daily on Bob Odenkirk, Emmys

This week, Awards Daily calls Bob Odenkirk an Emmy frontrunner, while CarterMatt talks about what it expects at the start of Season 5. Read on for more:

Awards Daily deems Bob Odenkirk one of the frontrunners for the Lead Drama Actor Emmy, noting, “His performance throughout the fourth season seemed to excite critics even more than usual diving into darker material and dealing with the death of Jimmy’s brother.”

• Apropos of Jimmy transforming into Saul, CarterMatt thinks the start of Season 5 will see Jimmy “trying to be known, trying to cut corners, and trying to get some raised eyebrows and funny looks. He wants to make the money as fast as he can and he wants to hang jaws on the ground.”

• Speaking with WAAF, Giancarlo Esposito says of Better Call Saul, “We have a good thing going with the show, and people are enjoying it, so that pleases me.”

• In Season 5, CarterMatt is “excited to learn a little more about how Gus continues to expand his empire, and beyond that, the relationships that he builds.”

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