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LA Times on PEN Literary Award for Thomas Schnauz; BT Fearful of Gus

This week, the Los Angeles Times reports that Thomas Schnauz won a PEN Center USA Literary Award, while BT labels Gus one of TV’s most fearsome gangsters. Plus, Giancarlo Esposito chats with the Naples Daily News about playing Gus on Saul. Read on for more:

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Thomas Schnauz won a PEN Center USA Literary Award for writing Season 3’s “Expenses.”

BT calls Gus one of TV’s most fearsome gangsters: “A great example of an unsuspecting criminal next door, he is widely regarded as a pillar of his community despite his many, many shady dealings.”

• Giancarlo Esposito tells the Naples (Fla.) Daily News he agreed to play Gus on Better Call Saul because this Gus is “different from the one you saw before. What I really enjoy about this life as a performer and an actor and a singer and a dancer is that I’ve had the ability to never repeat.”

• Interviewed by Collider about great TV shows like The Wire, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. calls Better Call Saul “a great show” and adds, “There are a lot of great shows, and once you work on a great show, at the highest level and of the best quality, you get spoiled and you forget that that’s so rare.”

Times Square Chronicles spotlights the top TV gambling scenes, including one in the Season 1 Finale where Jimmy “takes to the bingo halls in order to round up elderly patrons for his business.”

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