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The Cast and Creators on All the Signs That Jimmy Is Turning Into Saul

Now that Jimmy is suspended from practicing law for one year, he has $4,000 worth of commercial spots that he needs to get his money back for. But when he fails to find a business willing to pay him to make a commercial, he’s forced to get crafty. Doing what he does best, he creates a commercial to sell his commercials, and a star is born: Saul Goodman. However, there are even more telling signs about Jimmy’s devolution to the “criminal” lawyer of Breaking Bad, that have nothing to do with a name.

Go Inside Episode 6 With the Cast and Creators.

“As the season progresses and we see [Jimmy] making choices that are not in other people’s best interest, that’s when we see that we’re losing Jimmy McGill to someone else,” Executive Producer Melissa Bernstein says in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s brother Chuck — after learning that a battery was in his pocket for nearly two hours with no noticeable impact during Jimmy’s hearing — is having a rebirth of his own. “It really took a trick to get Chuck to admit that maybe [his allergy] might be something he could actually deal with rather than to collapse inward,” explains Michael McKean.

Hear the cast and creators dig into the “new” Chuck and Jimmy.

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