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See the Early Days of Gus and Hector’s Deadly Rivalry in This Epic Scene

After Mike and Gus conspired to bust Hector’s business — and therefore eradicate his drug distribution —  Hector is not happy. Knowing that Gus is running a clean and efficient distribution through Los Pollos Hermanos, Hector decides to pay him a visit.

After making a scene and scaring off all of Gus’s customer while he waits for Gus to return, Hector waits for Gus in Gus’s office, he smokes a cigarette and puts his feet up on his desk. When Gus protests that Hector’s behavior disrupted his business and therefore the cartel’s safety, Hector makes it clear who he feels is in control. “I am the cartel, and from now on you are my mule,” Hector says.

See how Gus reacts in this tense face off between two of Breaking Bad‘s most iconic, baddest characters of all time.

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