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Inside Episode 3 – Why Jimmy and Chuck Can’t Stop Hurting Each Other… and Themselves

In Episode 3 of Better Call Saul‘s third season, Chuck’s plan is fully hatched and Jimmy‘s off to jail. But is this what Chuck truly wanted?

“I think there’s a certain amount of regret along with the animosity,” Michael McKean says of Chuck’s divided mindset as he watches Jimmy get hauled off by the cops.

Go Inside Episode 3, “Sunk Costs” With the Cast and Creators.

While Jimmy tries to hide the news from Kim, she finds out and shows up to defend him in court. And even though Jimmy rejects her help, she later insists, invoking the fallacy of sunk costs, when Jimmy asks why she’d even bother. “You keep investing because you believe you’ve invested so much, in order to do right by the investment you’ve made, you have to keep investing,” Bob Odenkirk explains. But will Kim’s investment in Jimmy pay off?

Meanwhile, two of Breaking Bad‘s most iconic characters meet for the first time. “Since I wrote for Breaking Bad, I’d written a number of Gus and Mike scenes,” Executive Producer and writer of Episode 3, Gennifer Hutchison says. “They’re not going to be as open as they were when they had their relationship in Breaking Bad, but they also… have an inherent understanding of each other.”

Brought together by their intent to hurt Hector Salamanca, but separated by the very different ways they need to do this, Gus and Mike are forced to respect each other’s wishes — to a degree. Rather than start another war with each other, they’re smart enough to find other options to deal with Hector.

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